3 Health Literacy Factors You Should Know About

When planning for the retirement years, one should also highly consider in improving his or her health literacy. As mentioned in a FreeMedSuppQuotes post, The Best Medicare Supplemental Plans Help Improve Health Literacy, there are many benefits on how one will be able to interpret and manage medical and health instructions and data.

Today, we’d like to provide the basics on why you ought to consider improving in this aspect. Who knows — doing so may not just secure and allow you to have the future you’ve always desired, but help you manage your health needs as well.

It is a Big Problem

Let’s find out why health literacy matters by seeing how much of a problem it is today (particularly, the lack of it). The National Assessment of Adult Literacy stated that over 77 million individuals in the country have poor health literacy skills. This statistic can further be explained as a reason why a majority of people find it hard to manage health care finances: poor health literacy can result to more medical checkups (where most of which are unnecessary) and an increased chance of not following treatment plans.

Improving Your Health Literacy Can Address Both You Retirement Health and Financial Needs

As such, finding the means to properly understand and to interpret and follow medical procedures on-the-dot is crucial to one’s health and finances. As revealed by the Insured Retirement Institute’s Boomer Expectations for 2016, more baby boomers are in dire need of financial aid for their future. With more than half of the report’s respondents (45%) stating that they haven’t saved a single dollar for the retirement years, the fear of paying for medical emergencies is magnified. Additionally, the rise of health care costs can definitely put a dent in any retirement plan.

What we’d like to point out is that there is a defined link between health and wealth. Improving your health will help you prevent on spending for certain diseases. Saving money will assure you that you are covered in case a health situation occurs. Regardless of which approach, improving your health literacy will address both issues sufficiently.

Learning About Insurance Policies May Help

And as mentioned in the FreeMedSuppQuotes that we’ve shared above, learning how insurance policies like Medicare Supplements work will give you the edge needed in both preparing for retirement and improving your medical literacy as well. The information you gain on the coverage scope and benefits from other Supplemental Medicare Insurance Plans will give you a good idea how care and health assistance works during retirement — an excellent gateway into learning more solutions to tap into.

We hope that the above factors will help you in both improving your health literacy and in preparing for the golden years. The point is, improvement begins with you — deciding that you want to do things better will help you drive and motivate you in making the pursuit of knowledge happen. You can do it!

Do you have other suggestions to add? Please let us know below. And, we wish you all the best for your future!