My experience at Andela Bootcamp part 4

The atmosphere is a-bit dull today. The Boot-camp slack channel is really busy with fellow boot-campers asking different questions that may serve as a guild to them while attempting today’s problem sets.

We received our first feedback-score-sheet the previous day so everybody already have an idea of their strength and weaknesses. My facilitator was very specific on the areas I needed to improve and I have commenced work immediately in order to turn the table around.

The task for today is quite challenging, probably the most challenging day since the beginning of the boot-camp. We are required to implement two intermediate level algorithms and also to build a website with pure HTML and CSS only.

It took a while before I could wrap my head around the concept of one of the algorithms, but after a few video tutorials on Youtube, I was able to implement them. Although it took me longer than I had planned because I already planned to finish 50% of today Assignment the previous night but I was unable to do that.

The most challenging task of the day for me was to build a website with pure HTML and CSS. This was a really big issue for me because I was introduced to bootstrap at about the same time I started learning CSS and it has been my companion ever since then.

‘Oh no!’ I cried. I am being told to work without my darling bootstrap. Immediately, I took a CSS crash course on and I was good to go. I have been having this Idea of building a personal “web Portfolio” so this challenge came handy. I decided to build the portfolio so it could also satisfy my assignment needs simultaneously and this I was able to achieve in about 7 hours.

Tomorrow is another day, I will be collaborating with my teammates to build an application and I can’t wait to get started because my productivity is increasing on a daily bases.