Why IGNORING isn’t the solution to your problems.

This is a very familiar scene in all of India

Why people why? Are you so self centered that you can’t even look at the road in front of your house?

Just owning a fancy car doesn’t gives you the right to lay waste to the road you drive it upon.

Just because you have a clean house, it doesn’t mean that you can litter wherever you feel like!


I am just another frustrated Indian who is had it with the system. The people here have that mentality that if they wrap themselves in a cocoon of luxury they won’t feel the poorness of the surroundings around them.

A fancy car doesn’t make them concerned with the potholes, an air purifier inside their homes gives them an license to burn waste outside, an air conditioner doesn’t bother them about global warming and so on.

Turning a blind eye to the problems doesn’t make them go away.

YES! This is what you look like when you ignore the problems around you

Recently I had picked up the habit of going on evening strolls around where I live. I easily walked around 3–4 kilometers as I went all the way round the place. It was fun. The music I listened to matched the dancing rhythm of the city around me as I walked.

It was quite a nice and addictive experience for me. It felt like I didn’t even want to stop, just keep walking and walking endlessly. Not to mention the physical benefits of such a long walk every day.


However, It was not long ago that as life has planned for me, I came across a small but mind boggling incident. A fancy car (probably a Mercedes or BMW) just sped past past me and on its way launched water from a puddle formed on the road. What! I was soaked form my knee down. Also half of my clothes were ruined.

I was a bit amused at first but I quickly looked around to see if anyone was a witness to such a stupid incident. No one was there. Whew! I got myself a close shave from public embarrassment.

So after walking for some time this thought hit my brain — If people can afford to buy a fancy car worth of 10 lacs easily why can’t they put 10000 in building a part of the road that they drive their vehicle on? It doesn’t make any sense.

They live in a house that is I don’t know of how many many square feet but they can’t even bother to hire a sweeper or place a dustbin so that their surroundings are clean. Just what do they think before they shit ?

The answer to this? I don’t know. Maybe applying these rules on oneself is a start. But it does not work.

It just does not work.

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