The streaming platform women are turning into a career
Carol Shih

I really like the way the internet + social media is changing the way people can make money.

I did some weekly streaming on Twitch for a little while. It was fun but I’m always out and about. So it became an annoyance to go back home and be grounded to one place to stream & game. I just saw that Twitch now offers mobile streaming which I’d like to try out to see if I’d get back in to using Twitch again.

People that don’t understand it or get mad at this new way millennials are making a livable income are unable to think outside of the box. Unable to accept that the traditional way of earning a living is not the only way.

It’s sad. I think these women mentioned in the article have a lot going on for themselves and will continue to reach new heights. I’m excited to see how it’ll be 5 to 10 years from now as I’m sure things won’t be the same.

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