How to get free Robux credits?

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Step by step, Roblox has developed into one of the most important online games ever. Since its launch in 2006, it has been delighting more and more users. Most recently, over 200 million gamers were online per month hanging out with friends online, the virtual world

Explore from Roblox.
What is Roblox? What are Robux?

The allure of Roblox is based on the games within the game

. For example, participants can raise animals, solve crimes and help out in a virtual pizzeria. According to the provider Roblox, there are currently more than 24 million of these so-called “Experiences”.

New ones come every day
Experiences are added, because participants can also develop them themselves and add them to the Roblox world. This is how the Roblox system keeps itself running.

As in the physical world, life in Roblox costs money. It starts with the equipment of the avatar, i.e. the character that represents your own self in Roblox. A basic set of customizations and accessories is free, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, you pay with Robux free gift card, the in-game currency.

Games and items (“Items”) such as the house in posh Brookhaven and the associated car cost Robux free tips. Players can trade items with each other and earn money with the experiences they create. So here we take a closer look at Robux free codes.

How can I earn Robux?

If you search for free Robux generator on the web, you will find many offers. The playing

of games, taking surveys, visiting certain websites — all of these should earn free Robux. Discounts on Robux generator are also advertised on such websites.

Manufacturer Roblox points out that such offers are fraudulent maneuvers. Accordingly, it is about fishing access data for Roblox or to involve you in criminal or at least shady activities.

You must therefore buy Robux codes or earn it in-game. There are two options for the latter:

Members can sell access to experiences they create. Between 25 and 1,000 Robux generator are available for each player. Robux codes keeps 90 percent of the revenue, with subscribers, the share is reduced to 30 percent.
Even more Robux free gift card can be earned by expanding your own experiences with paid game passes (additional functions), equipment and items.
It’s easier to design t-shirts, shirts and pants and sell them for Robux free codes. Depending on the item of clothing, this brings at least 2 or even 5 Robux codes.

Depending on what you want to trade, you must be registered or a paying member for at least 30 days.

Roblox is enjoying great success, especially among young players. Some players even earn money by creating and selling their own content.

What exactly is Roblox? Roblox is a gaming platform that users can use to create their own games using a construction kit. You can basically develop just about anything in Roblox, including shooters, racing games, puzzle games, adventure games, RPGs and even MMOs.

These games are then available through the platform where anyone can play them for free. The developers can offer additional content such as pets and cosmetic items to customize the characters. Players can buy these, for which they need the in-game currency Robux generator.

Especially during the corona pandemic, Free Robux generator has developed into a kind of social network for children. They use it to meet up with friends they can’t see during lockdown and play games or hang out on social hubs.

Roblox is so successful with younger gamers, it’s sort of like the YouTube for Gen Z.

Roblox is very popular with children, and the number of players continues to rise. For developers, this means the opportunity to generate more and more revenue. The system is quickly explained:

As you know, Roblox is free, but players can buy the in-game currency Robux free gift card and use it to shop in the game.
Two-thirds of the revenue goes to Robux free codes, developers get one-third.
Logically, this only refers to sales that were booked in the respective game.
For example, if you developed a Roblox game and the turnover is $1,500 in a month, your share is $500.
The minimum requirement is an age of 13 years. Also, you must have earned at least 50,000 Robux free generator from your games or other creations.
Further information on the necessary formalities can be found on this page.

Depending on the developer, the income ranges from a nice pocket money to a serious livelihood to immense earnings of over 100,000 US dollars per month. Of course, this is by no means easy to achieve: First of all, your own game needs to be found among the many millions of competing products, then it has to be good enough to keep a regular group of players happy. The option to shop in the game must also be well implemented.
Here at the latest it becomes apparent that the basics of game development in Roblox may look simple, but a professional level can only be achieved with a lot of work, experience and know-how. Only very few titles will make it to the best-known and best Roblox games, but the income opportunities can also be attractive below the absolute top level. In 2020, Roblox achieved a total turnover of 920 million US dollars, so users are sufficiently willing to pay.

How do players make money? Anyone who creates content for Roblox gets a portion of the revenue from Robux free tips. If the in-game currency is spent on items in the worlds created by the players, they will receive 35 cents for every 100 Robux.

How to get free Robux?

These people are both children who create content for fun and adults.

Some developers are in college, some in high school, a few are even younger — probably around 13 or 14 years old. Some of them get $2,000, $3,000, $4,000, $5,000 a month. Once you hit 5,000 or 10,000 a month, it becomes quite an interesting part-time job to do while you study.

Which games are particularly popular? There are a great many titles on the platform for players to try. Some of the most popular games include:

Natural Disaster Survival — A survival game
Scuba Diving at Quill Lake — A game about scuba diving to recover treasures
Theme Park Tycoon 2 — A building game
Work at a Pizza Place — Players must manage a pizza place
Murder Mystery 2 — A co-op horror game
Jailbreak — A cops and robbers style game
Welcome to Bloxburg — A game reminiscent of The Sims

Ordering pizza, a lot of people are doing that at the moment. Answering calls, baking the pizza, filling it and putting it in the wood-fired oven, but very few people do that. At most virtually in “Work at a Pizza Place”. The game is one of the most popular on the online gaming platform Roblox, it has more than 1.9 billion views. The city simulation full of mini-games called “Meep City” or the manhunt “Jailbreak” are also in high demand.

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It is also possible to buy Roblox cards by paying via Paysafecard.

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Why a €10 Roblox prepaid card?

The Roblox Prepaid Card is used to add Roblox Credits Robux to your account. A €10 Roblox card is equivalent to 800 Robux free generator.

As explained earlier, the game is free to download and play but some features can only be unlocked through real money.

Free Robux generator (the game’s virtual currency) can be used for cosmetics, updates or premium subscriptions that offer additional benefits (learn more about this here).
How to use a 10 euro Roblox card?

To transform your €10 Roblox card into Robux codes it’s very simple, you have to follow these steps:

Note that the exchange in Robux free codes is only possible from an Internet browser

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These and many other games on the platform are mostly colourful, while the graphics and controls are rather simple. The figures look like Lego men or the pixelated characters from the block building game Minecraft. In addition, users can meet and chat with their virtual friends. The target group of Roblox, the name is derived from “robot” and “blocks”, are mainly teenagers and young adults. In Germany, the game is released from the age of twelve.

Founded in 2004 by Canadian David Baszucki under the name “DynaBlocks”, the platform is immensely successful. It started with just 100 players, today there are around 150 million active players, 40 percent of whom are women. For comparison: The online shooting game Fortnite, which was also very successful, had around 78 million active players per month in 2019, according to figures from the developer Epic.

There is no story at ROBLOX. The aim of the game is to create virtual worlds in the style of LEGO or Minecraft, to express yourself in various mini-games, to be creative, to make friends and to exchange ideas in different groups. One speaks of an MMO (massively multiplayer online game), a community or perhaps almost a social network.
In the game you can build entire cities or amusement parks, manage a fast food outlet or reenact a family scenario. The possibilities seem endless and ROBLOX offers a wide range for boys and girls of different ages. A distinction is made between the ROBLOX Studio (blue button on the PC) and the ROBLOX Player (red button) — depending on whether you want to create content yourself or try out content from other players.

Pedagogical assessment:
Start of the game — register first
At the beginning you have to register for free on the homepage by entering your e-mail address, password, gender and date of birth. You then get access to the virtual ROBLOX universe — provided you speak English. ROBLOX is not yet available in a German version. After registration you get a ready-made character (avatar). This can be redesigned according to your own ideas if required. Clothing, hairstyle and many other things can be customized. Most of this is free, but certain accessories require payment. If the avatar should look like a king or a fantasy creature, the game also offers a colorful range of clothing and body statues.

ROBLOX STUDIO — creative, more creative, most creative
The title has a creative approach and the ROBLOX studio allows players to create their own world. As an example: From a bird’s eye view, you first choose a surface, for example a meadow, and place trees and paths on it. Then you put a car on the way and test the specially designed world with your avatar from the third-person perspective (so the camera follows the character from behind). As you explore your world, you get in the car and drive through the countryside. Later you can add mountains again from the bird’s eye view to use them as ski jumps.

OBLOX Player — Shooting and building simulations
As nice and interesting as working with the ROBLOX studio can be, access to the ROBLOX player with its mini-games should be used with caution. “It offers endless possibilities,” summarizes tester Colin. ROBLOX now advertises thousands of games and over 30 million users. Due to the wide range of mini-games and the possibility of starting them from the beginning at any time, there is initially no emotional connection to his avatar and the virtual teammates. This applies in particular to simple shooters (games where you have to shoot at something) like Counter Blox or the escape simulation Jailbreak. “Of course you always want to get ahead, but you’re not really rooting for it,” says tester Yavuz. This is also due to the fact that the games are entertaining and simple. In addition, it has no negative effects on your avatar if you die. So reboot and all is right with the world again.

Virtual Killing with Counter Blox and Jail Break
The mini-game Counter Blox might make you think of a well-known adult shooter. That is also the intention. Although it all looks childish with the angular and Lego-like graphics, the game principle is nevertheless similar.
There are many games of this type in ROBLOX. You choose between two groups (be it a policeman or a prisoner in the case of jailbreak, for example) and try to survive or destroy the other group. You are equipped with pistols, sniper rifles, grenades or your bare fists. While Jailbreak is more about fleeing the police (including stealing cars or helicopters), in Counter Blox you have to wander through a small map in a team of four and only try to defeat the other group. Violence is a prerequisite for winning here. The testers saw this critically and the question arose whether a game like ROBLOX should actually be available for children.
It is not easy for parents to control the use of the ROBLOX player. Counter Blox and Co. can be played at any age, there is no warning. Although users can provide an email address for their parents, this is not mandatory.

Virtual Relationships at Robloxian High School or Adopt Me
In addition to the different shooters, there is another type of game that should be critically examined. These are those that create virtual relationships that are intended to bind users.
Robloxian Highschool aims to present a realistic afterimage of the everyday life of a teenager / young adult. The first thing you do is look for an apartment and a job. Frying and filling hamburgers raises the necessary money for the apartment. You can also attend seminars and take advantage of sports on campus. On the streets of the virtual Robloxian high school world, you meet other characters, talk to or write to them and just exchange contact details. It can be tracked where the next party is taking place or who is just ready to chat. This promotes the fear of missing something and does not let go of all players easily — especially because there are no computers behind the other characters, but real people.
Adopt Me follows a similar principle. Looking for an adoptive child in a home/kindergarten and taking it home with you sounds pretty weird — especially when the baby is also a playable character. And when some players use the circumstance to kidnap babies, it somehow seems even weirder. One can only rest assured that ROBLOX always tries to create an atmosphere suitable for children. That works too!

Encourage creativity with building simulations like Theme Park Tycoon
But there are also many ways to creatively build a small empire. In Theme Park Tycoon, for example, you try to build an entire amusement park. It’s not always that easy with limited financial resources, but the account can be replenished with the first income from the visitors — or with the help of real money, if someone doesn’t want to wait that long. This not only promotes creativity, but also a first look at the economy and the right way to deal with money.
The different car racing games are also a lot of fun, were very well received in the test and are also safe for a younger target group.

Play without end
What all games have in common is the fact that they don’t really have an ending. In some games, this can tempt players to stay on the ball and could increase the fear of missing something. With a list of games that are recommended based on the games you have already played, it also tempts you to try new things again and again. A few testers saw a certain potential for long game phases. Overall, however, the interest was more in the entertaining shooters, so that many could not agree with the opinion.

Virtual money vs. real money
Our testers were always aware of when real money had to be used. That obviousness is good. It is just as good that ROBLOX can actually be played sufficiently with the existing virtual money. “Sometimes it’s a bit annoying when you have to wait until you’ve earned enough money,” says Yavuz.

Who is actually sitting in front of the computer?
The fundamental problem with ROBLOX is that nobody checks how old the players actually are. Although a distinction is made between an “under” and “over 13 years old” account, in practice it is somehow not clear what that actually means. You can still play Counter Blox, regardless of whether you are over or under 13.
Already at the beginning of the test phase, two game testers were written to by external users via the chat function who wanted to expand their number of virtual friends. Here you should be careful when it comes to exchanging contact data (e.g. WhatsApp). Real children or young people are not always behind the virtual characters. Therefore, you should never pass on private data unless you know who is really sitting at the computer. The GAMER TREFF warns in particular against exchanging cell phone numbers and photos with strangers.

ROBLOX was unanimously well received by the young people. Due to the multitude of possibilities and the constant expansion of mini-games, ROBLOX motivates to dive into the virtual world again and again. The presentation is suitable for children and the look is mostly colorful and cheerful. The controls work with the mouse and keyboard and are easy to learn. Nevertheless, all testers agreed that Roblox is only partially suitable for young children due to the unfiltered game selection, also because the game selection is difficult for parents to control.