If You’re Waiting For Clarity
Jamie Varon

The clarity of birdsong, a blooming flower, a cool breeze, or the lush, rich sound of running water.

The chorus of waves crashing and seashells mashing. We’re surrounded by clarity, if we listen.

But, we don’t. So caught up in the tapestry of possession. We make choices that society deems necessary. The cult of competition. A new car, a bigger house, the latest gadget, we’re never really content with just being, such is the vapid meritocracy, the allusion we think sustains us. We’ve stopped ambling through the countryside or splashing through puddles. And until we learn ‘to be' in nature, with nature, we’ll never really be content. ‘Clarity’ will continue to outpace us forever lost in the menagerie of our self centred lifestyles.