Why FreeShipping.com Members Love the Holidays

Ahh the holidays. What a magical time of year, right?

Everyone looks forward to the first snowfall, delicious meals with the family, gifts under the tree and annually celebrated traditions. But the one thing we all must do, and often come to dread, is shop.

Well, there goes all the money you saved this year. Why is it physically impossible to find a decent parking spot at the mall? Are you buying the right gifts for everyone on your list? Are you getting the best deals on everything you buy?

Whichever holiday struggle you’re facing, we get it. It might be the most wonderful time of the year, but you’ll still find yourself frantically roaming the crowded mall for a reasonable price on iPads or hoverboards.

For FreeShipping.com members, holiday shopping is never this stressful. Why? Check out this list of everything our members get excited about for the holidays.

10 Reasons Why FreeShipping.com Members Love the Holidays

1. They can earn up to 20% cash back.

We don’t joke around about cash back. Members can always earn 10% cash back at over 1,000 retailers, but they can also take advantage of double cash back during the holidays and a handful of other times throughout the year.

During the holiday shopping season, members have access to 20% cash back on three separate occasions. Why stress over holiday spending when you can double your savings?

2. They can skip the Black Friday crowds.

You don’t have to stand out in the cold and face the hustle and bustle of holiday crowds. People have literally ended up in fist fights over flat-screen TVs and recliner chairs. That’s just not for us.

With 20% cash back and easy access to the best deals, FreeShipping.com members sit cozy at home and get twice the savings online.

Instead of layering up to brave the Black Friday craze, FreeShipping.com members can rock their favorite pair of sweats and sit by the fire with their laptop and a warm cup of cocoa. Doesn’t that sound better?

3. They get to save extra on Cyber Monday.

The best thing about 20% cash back for Black Friday is that it lasts all weekend…all the way through Cyber Monday.

Yup, FreeShipping.com members can take advantage of all the best Cyber Monday deals and earn 20% cash back at 30 top retailers.

4. They can quickly compare prices on any item.

The crazy big size of the Internet can be a great thing, but it also means five different stores can offer the same item for a different price.

FreeShipping.com members just log in, type an item into the search bar and see who’s offering the best deal. It’s that simple.

5. They have easy access to the best seasonal offers.

Our best deals, tips and tricks for the holidays can always be found on our seasonal pages.

Members can find featured retailers, recommended products, awesome holiday coupons and a few of our own holiday gift guides right from their homepage. Inspiration for gifts, decor and seasonal activities are always just a click away.

6. They always get free shipping.

Say goodbye to shipping charges for good. FreeShipping.com members get rebates on shipping charges paid at any one of our retailers.

Even better, members can always get up to $10 of shipping charges covered on a single purchase. So, if free shipping is already offered, members can opt-in for a faster shipping method and still get reimbursed. Cool, huh?

7. They can save their favorite items to wish lists.

Isn’t it nice to keep tabs on the great items you stumble upon?

FreeShipping.com members can create custom wish lists for every person on their holiday list. Plus, they can make a list for everything they’d like for themselves!

8. They’re safe with price protection.

Finally, a solution for buying an item just one week before it goes on sale.

If a FreeShipping.com member finds a lower price on an item purchased on our site within 90 days, they can get reimbursed up to $100 for the price difference.

Why is it so great for the holidays? If a member makes a purchase during the peak of holiday shopping, they can check to see if the price on that item dropped later on. Then, they can get reimbursed for the difference.

9. They can access our 25 gift guides right from their homepage.

We publish 20+ holiday gift guides on the Clique Tips blog every year. That way, members can find gift ideas for everyone on their shopping list, from the oddballs and the music junkies to the fashionistas and beauty queens. Let’s not forget about stocking stuffer ideas for her, him, teens and children.

With 10 or more ideas included in each gift guide, brainstorming great gifts to give is simple and stress-free.

10. They can enter our double cash back contests.

On top of all the holiday savings, members can rest easy knowing our double cash back contest is just around the corner.

At the end of each quarter, we give members a chance to double their quarterly cash back checks by simply commenting on our Facebook page. It’s simple to enter and the winner can earn up to $300. So, come January, members can participate and potentially earn even more savings after the holidays.

Here’s to more shipping, endless online savings and a worry-free holiday!

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