Many people studying or working abroad need to work out the own household expense by doing part time jobs. Dubai is very well known opportunity for those people who are eager to do part time job. It is totally safe for female workers also. That having been said, part-time jobs, flexibility, and career progress are equally attractive factors for youth and both the private and public sector should Endeavour to ensure them for job seekers, said Goddard. Offering and increasing part-time opportunities and flexible working arrangements, will ensure that the full catchment of talent is able to apply for vacancies and both private and public employers can benefit from a large proportion of candidates who are bound by family commitments.

It enables 4,500 businesses in the emirate’s nine creative clusters, such as Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, and Dubai Studio City, to offer part-time employment to university students. The clusters include also include Dubai Knowledge Park, Dubai International Academic City, Dubai Production City, Dubai Science Park and Dubai Design District.

Reasons why part time jobs are improving the economy of Dubai:

1.It provide lots of opportunity for students to study and do part time job. According to new rules in Dubai a student can work only for limited hours so that their studies are not affected.

2.Besides doing part time job will not only free you from boredom instead it will increase your skills. You can learn how to decorate a dish or even hoe to cook it. It is fun if you really want to feel the essence of the city.

3.Most of the people in Dubai are indebted to bank. So for then part time jobs become a very necessary part to increase their expenses.

Recently UAE ministry was against the part time jobs as they stated it to be a distraction from their main work.According to the new amendment “The employee must remain employed and sponsored by the first (full-time) employer who must consent in writing to the employee taking on a part-time job,” Liddington told this website. “An application for a part-time work permit should then be submitted to the Ministry of Labour by the second (part-time) employer together with supporting documents (including the first employer’s letter of consent) and payment of a fee which varies according the part-time employer’s status,”.Currently, employers are encouraged to work with organisations such as in order to make these employment options more frequent.

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