The Experience of an Identity

Authenticity is by necessity connected to experience, which means that we should avoid abstract reasoning, commonly known as wisdom. Traditional wisdom is closed off and can be used to justify whatever, and it is impotent when it discourse on novelty since it seeks to explain the new according to the general structure of the old. Authentic wisdom is a wisdom beyond wisdom, a creative endeavor that never attempts to simply repeat the old but always thinks of repetition as a return of difference. The next moment of becoming is thus never seen as the return of the same. To deny novelty is nothing short of denying God who is Posse Ipsum — possibility itself. The possible is not eternal ideas actualized in matter-flux but the possibility of the world becoming different, which is why we should cherish differences as an unfolding of the divine. Authentic existence is not an identity built on separation but relationality unfolding as the experience of an identity. To most people authenticity is attractive but it comes with a price few are willing to pay — the death of self. Authenticity demands a courage to seek wisdom beyond wisdom, truth beyond truth, God beyond God. When looking at the world it is easy to see that such courage is lacking in places of institutionalized power, rather courage is performed by the underground people. Hence we should not attempt to save them but accept that hope unavoidably comes from the edge of chaos most of us avoids. As Eckhart wrote: ‘Truly, it is in the darkness that one finds the light, so when we are in sorrow, then this light is nearest of all to us.’ The bitter truth is that many of these people of chaos are destroyed because so many others mindfully refuse the authenticity they experience.

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