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Did you notice The Washington Post’s updated masthead? The paper that bravely broke the Watergate scandal is concerned and we are, too.

We’re moving forward quickly with our #freethepress project to stand up for our First Amendment rights. Our first action will be an alternative press briefing across from the White House, where we’ll focus on the encroachment of the President’s administration on the exercise of a free and fair press.

Today we launched our website: There you can learn more about our principles, and sign on to support them.

Every day brings a new challenge to the media and its role as a representative of the people. Even the administration’s surveys on the press are going to hand-picked supporters.

And while campaign-style PR isn’t terribly surprising, it serves to obfuscate real threats. We support our sisters and brothers in the Fourth Estate in calling for the FBI to keep its Freedom of Information Action portal open to email requests (story).

Please check out the new website, which has more ways you can get involved.

Democracy dies in darkness.

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