An Interview with Andrea Blythe, author of Twelve

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Cover art by Yana Germann

Continuing our series of interviews with speculative poets, today T.D. Walker chats with Andrea Blythe, author of Twelve (2020, Interstellar Flight Press). Andrea has been a regular in the speculative poetry scene for several years now, with her popular blog and a long list of outstanding poetry publications. Twelve is a poetic retelling of the Brothers Grimm fairytale “The Twelve Dancing Princesses.” Bewitching and beguiling, this short series of linked poems takes the reader to the underground realm and back, following the stories of twelve princesses and their life after the magic shoes.

INTERSTELLAR FLIGHT PRESS: The poems in Twelve follow the lives of the sisters from the story “The Twelve Dancing Princesses” after their secret has been discovered, and the eldest has been married to the soldier who learned of their nightly dancing. Each sister’s story tells of how she coped with the loss of the other world in which they temporarily escaped their domineering father, whose view we see in “Prelude”: “Daughters were meant to be placid, pure, and idle beauties who accepted their role as tokens in the bartering of treaties.”

An Interview with Catherine Moore, Author of Borrowings of the Shan Van Vocht

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Despite what we may want to hide, the landscape holds memory.

Catherine Moore’s chapbook Borrowings of the Shan Van Vocht (Unsolicted Press, April 14, 2020) explores the phenomenon of bog bodies — human cadavers mummified by peat bogs. The poems in the book are named after the bog, melting and churning, which exhumed them.

The forces of nature at work on the bog lands are also given voice in this collection — wind, sun, and the Shan Van Vocht, the bog, itself. “Shan Van Vocht” is a phonetic transliteration of the Gaelic phrase (tSeanbhean bhocht) for the land goddess, its meaning translates as Poor Old Woman. Interstellar Flight Mag contributor T.D. …


An interview with Cassandra Rose Clarke, Author of Sacred Summer

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In the empty halls of a house on the edge of the woods, a dancer faces the aftermath of a career-ending injury and subsequent divorce. Twenty years earlier, on the land where her house would be built, two boys died violently and mysteriously while recording a music video for their band, leaving one survivor. Because something sleeps in the woods beyond the house, and when the dancer finds the last musician, it will start to wake . . .

It’s always a good day when Interstellar Flight Magazine has the honor of interviewing one of our own. Today, T.D. Walker chats with Rhysling award-finalist Cassandra Rose Clarke about her newest poetry book, Sacred Summer (Aquaduct Press, May 20, 2020) an evocative poetic sequence that is a visceral examination of dance, music, and obsession told entirely in verse. You may know Cassandra as one of our slush adventurers who can often be found helping out behind the scenes and who is also the author of The Manticore’s Vow (Interstellar Flight Press, 2019).

An interview with Bogi Takács, author of Algorithmic Shapeshifting & editor of the Transcendent Series

To be in a liminal state for long is a massive demand on one’s energy. And yet this is something that happens to marginalized people all too often. I think a lot of my poems are about this kind of discomfort. And also when a high-energy state is maintained for long, the release can be explosive.

Speculative poetry is a constantly-shifting market with a vast and diverse group of readers & writers. Today in our Q&A series, T.D. Walker (a talented poet in her own right and author of Small Waiting Objects from CW Books, 2019) touched base with one of spec poetry’s most powerful voices, Bogi Takács. Editor of the Transcendent series for Best Transgender Speculative Fiction, winner of the Strange Horizons Readers’ Poll for eir hypertext poem You Are Here / Was: Blue Line to Memorial Park, Takács is also a reviewer, journalist, & holds Masters degrees in Psychology and Theoretical Linguistics, as well as attending the University of Iowa for a Ph.D. …


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