Women are better than men? Let’s discuss

Are women better than men?

Having my first brush with a hard feminist group which bases itself on the ideology that women are better than men over on Google plus led me to writing this. I mean I’m totally all for introspection and reflecting on how we are as a species, and the certain distinctions that make us who we are, and the traits that lead us into doing the things that we do. But that’s quite a bold statement, for me. Saying that women are better than men. So for arguments sake I went into research mode. I mean one can’t make assumptions before getting some information right?

I’ve always been one for thinking that women are equal to men in every way. I was raised by my mother, and had the kind of nurture and upbringing that a loving woman that’s been abused by her husband, imparts her knowledge and wisdom onto her son so that he doesn’t make the same mistakes. It helped me a great deal in staying impartial to the great gender debate. And the people that I moved in circles with were very pro-women. We liked women, I still do.

Yet what I didn’t realise at the time is that even although I supported womens rights, and liked to join in on the good fight with women on their issues, I wasn’t quite mature enough to understand what was going on. When I first met my wife she opened my eyes to a great deal of under the surface issues that happen to women, it outed me as ignorant to the plight, and it made me feel quite a bit like a chauvinist. Even although I loved women, I’d still be partial to the good blonde joke and would think any lady that was remotely attractive would be equally as uneducated. It led me into a dramatic move to the side of females, that women do have life tough and that women are better than men. Yes, I truly thought this.

My Swift siding with women

My reasoning was this: women are better than men because they are nurturers; they inspire and help men to do great things, they exist in the background, silently making men great people, they help, they make families, make homes, they co-create, co-exist. Women, they are just awesome in every way. Whereas men exist as the frontline operatives, destroying everything in their wake, we are the engineers of destruction, destroy lives, relationships and everything that exists of beauty.

Yeah, I was quite tainted at that point.

It wasn’t until recently that I made a swing back to the middle. This time a healthy middle. I had realised that my previous thinking had been unhealthy, it had been biased by the good female company I was now keeping, school teachers that had taught me that men destroy, and the unhealthy male presence I had all through my life. Narccissists seem to adopt me, and mainly men. I didn’t have a good perception of men because of the company that I had previously kept, and meeting healthy, good women, only strengthened those feelings. I had firmly thought women are better than men for a long time. I didn’t vocalise these thoughts, though.

My long awaited centrist movement

The swing back came when I started to search deep into my own existence, read books, watch people and educate myself on the wider issues of the gender debate. Currently it’s a sad road we’re walking down. The rise of Facebook and social media it’s only showing you content that you would like, rather than all of it, has centralised us, and the wider issues have sort of faded into the background. Everyone seems to be shouting for their rights without taking time and care to listen to the other side. Women, taking to the streets, screaming about how their rights have been violated, and that no-one is listening to them, whilst in the same breath not communicating and shutting down anyone that wants to talk to them of an opposing view.

And the same goes for men too. I’ve been guilty of it in the past, but I’m trying to be better.

See, men and women have very different issues going on, perhaps it’s time we sat down and listened to each other, rather than screaming for our own rights yet not listening to, or caring about anyone elses. Communication and solution making is bi-directional.

Women are better than men? I doubt it. I think both men and women are two peas from the same pod. Whether that’s evolutionary theory, Adam and Eve, or your own brand of beginning. We co-exist, co-habit, we’re on this earth to exist with each other. It’s my genuine opinion that one couldn’t exist without the other. We all have our special brand of awesomeness to put to the table to complete this circle of life. We shouldn’t be fighting against that.

And I get that men are now rising up to this new-wave feminism that’s being bastardised by the same angry women that I met on Google plus, tagging feminism as a complete anti-men authoritarian establishment, but it’s not. You won’t believe the sheer amount of women that are distancing themselves from that core ideal, and they are in their droves. Women just don’t want to be anti-men, they want to be listened to though, in the same way we want to be listened to.

Maybe it’s time we should.

Just as they should. Listen to us, I mean.

Women are better than men? No

So before you go around thinking to yourself that women are better than men, think to yourself the reasons that made you think such things, and is it based on understanding, research and enlightenment? Or is it just through the small amount of people you know?

Women are better than men? Let’s discuss. Originally from my blog The Relationship Blogger