Crimson Fist

Nickname: Earth Element

Gender: Male Age: 16

Height: 181.1cm Weight: 82.3kg

Battle Style: Earth Style Ninjutsu & Taijutsu

1. Adept at using Taijutsu. Uses Earth Style to fight unenhanced attacks and to protect his friends; close-combat expert.
 2. Reliable and as stubborn as a rock.
 3. Quite different to how he looks, is actually a teenager.

Earth Element Talents

Earth Element Talents (Crimson Fist) can be divided into 3 groups: mystery skills, standard skills, and passive skills.

Earth Element Mystery Skills

Skill Icon

Skill Name

Skill Description

Earth Style — Stone Fist Jutsu

Cause ninjutsu damage with [Ignition] to 2 enemy bodies. (Enemy in [Ignition] state continuously receives damage; healing ineffective)

Earth Style — Super Stone Fist Jutsu

Cause earth attribute damage with [interruption] to selected enemy.

Earth Style — Super Lightened Boulder Jutsu

When used, gain an extra standard attack for entire team (cannot overlap with effects from other standard attacks).

Earth Element Standard Attack Skills

Skill Icon

Skill Name

Skill Description

Taijutsu Attack

Attack front enemy, with a probability of creating 5 combo and [high float].

Konoha Hurricane

Attack all front rank enemies, with a probability of creating [repulse].

Earth Style — Petrifying Jutsu

Apply a shield based on your own resistance on the 2 units with the least life on your team.

Earth Element Passive Skills

Skill Icon

Skill Name

Skill Description

Earth Style — Sphere of Graves

[Chase and attack repelled] enemy and cause [knockdown].

Primary Lotus

[Chase and attack high float] enemy and cause [knockdown] and [ignition].

Earth Style — Stone Fist Jutsu — Fall

[Chase and attack knock down] enemy and cause [low float].

Bottom Force

Substantially increase defense and immunize against all damage received in the first round [Super Armor].

Pose of Duel

Substantially increase ninjutsu attack and attributes for all ninjas with50% blood or more from your own team.

Enhancement of Earth Style Ninja

Increase ninjutsu and attack for up to 3 earth attribute ninjas from your own team by 40% for 5 rounds.


Resurrect immediately on death and recover 50% of life. Can be triggered at most once per round.

Earth Style — Boulder Jutsu

Before action in each round, double at random the critical hit of one teammate and you can carry out an extra standard attack. (Cannot overlap with the effects of other standard attacks).

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