Intro: Hello all. As the title suggests, this guide will help to elevate your game and help you prepare to head to the top. As suggested, this guide will be helpful in developing teams for all starting characters, as I plan to break down some of my core characters that I have used. Let it be known that I have only played and currently play Breeze Dancer, so my knowledge of other character specifics is a bit short. However, the teams that I put forward, in my opinion, can work with any lead character, so long as a little tweaking is done.

Before we get too far in though, there are just a few terms and things that I want to have known that will really help basic understanding of the game and your own future theory crafting.
 Skill and Combat Essentials: The biggest reason that people are attracted to this game has to be the combo system. This system allows the teams that the character creates to really feel unique and powerful as a unit, rather than just four strong individuals. Any three four ninja can make a team but there are a few things to note that will really take yours to the next level. This can be very confusing early on with no guidance and, even with my help, might still be a little so. Just stick with me for a while here and I promise it’ll get clearer!

The game does a decent job of explaining things over time and through experimentation but there is always room for clarity. When reading a characters skills you will see several things that detail exactly that skill does. From here we can immediately see two things: skill type and damage form. Figure 1 will be a key point of reference for illustrating these. Here we can see several of Sakura’s skills and their specifics. For example, we will focus on her chase skill “Cherry Blossom Crash.” The first thing to note here is the skill affinity. There are only two damage ratios in the game, thus far, with those being Ninjutsu and Taijutsu. This simply tells you whether the scaling of an ability is nin or tai based. The other thing to note, labelled on the far left part of the box, is the skill type. Within the game there are four types of skills: Mystery, Standard, Chase and Passive. These are extremely important to note and will now be discussed in much more detail, as we delve into what they mean and how they affect combat


Mystery are the skills that the character sees in combat and can activate at the cost of chakra, the blue bar at the bottom. Chakra charges throughout the fight at a rate of 20x, with x being the round number. Meaning round one the value starts at 0 and 20 chakra is added thus, starting the fight at 20 chakra. On the following turn 40 chakra will be added. As such, if the 20 was used the player will have 40 in round two, if not 60. This can get a bit more complex as some characters manipluate chakra values but that is even more advanced strategy that we won’t get into here. Sorry! The cost of a characters chakra ability can be seen by followingNINJA>TRAIN>UPGRADE STARS then clicking the question mark. This allows you to see not only their current abilities but also future ones they will gain and their full description, when moused over


Standard skills are, just as the name states, said characters standard action.This is their guaranteed action that they will do 100% of the time unless triggered otherwise, such as being stunned. The one caveat here is that sometimes their standard ability can spark a chance based combo. The keyword here being chance. As seen in Sakura’s standard ability “Taijutsu attack” there is a guaranteed attack but a chance for three hit combo and repulse. (Which we will discuss further down in the combos section.)
 Chase skills are the biggest chunks of team compatibility. These are the setups and potential combos that can take a team from average to amazing. Note that these are only combo skills and are completely different than a standard ability. If the conditions for these abilities are not met, they have 0% chance to activate. As noted above, these will be discussed shortly.
 Passive skills are another set of ability that are true to the name. One of the easiest things to maintain as they are things that a character does automatically, or passively, similar to standard abilities but still slightly different. Passives have a wide array of effect from stat buffs to clones to shields and more. The thing that sets them apart from standard abilities, though, is that passives are never actual attack abilities and act independently of them. Most passives are fairly straightforward.

Combos:As it stands I am currently the best Breeze Dancer in S10-Shikamaru. I’m also number one in the Nine Tails Invasion despite being around 4–6 in overall power rankings. Even though I’m not statistically the strongest, I have found several solid team comps that make up for the areas that have been weaker than my fellow ninja. The way that I’ve been able to is clever use of combos. There are several different factors to look at when attempting to make combos work. As noted earlier, one of Sakura’s skills had an added effect called repulse. As you go through each characters skills you will notice that the descriptions have other similar highlighted phrases. These are important for combos because each one of these effects creates a scenario that can be built off of. These different effects will now be listed, with any new ones added should they arise. Even though brief they will give enough general knowledge to build from.
 Most, if not all, chase skills will start with Chase and attack. This is very straightforward as it literally means to follow up an attack with another attack. These are typically followed by another of the effects on this list.
 Low Float: These are small knockups that lead to aerial combos.
 High Float: Same as low float but higher knockup. These two are distinct instances also. A combo that requires low float won’t work from high float and vice versa.
 Repulse: A skill that knocks enemies across the screen horizontally. These skills do damage to the first target and one additional instance to all behind them (when they fly across the screen). However, only the first character will be eligible for combo.
 Knockdown: As the name states, characters hit by knockdown skills will be slammed to the groud.
 Immobile (Debuff): A state of disruption that causes loss of control from a character. Immobile is similar to a traditional stun as characters under this effect perform no action until it wears off or is dispelled. (One example being Shikamaru’s “Shadow Possession”)
 Sleeping (Debuff): Typical form of sleep. Character will perform no actions until awoken. Comparable to immobile except damage will wake a sleeping character.
 Chaos (Debuff): A state of confusion. Characters under chaos will randomly attack teammates so long as they stay under its effect.
 Acupuncture (Debuff): Characters affected by acupuncture cannot use their mystery skill.
 Paralysis (Debuff): Characters affected by paralysis cannot use their chase skills, effectively stopping combos.
 High/Triggered Combo: Some characters will have skills that require a certain number of hits (commonly 10) to be triggered. To go along with this requirement, some characters, such as Breeze Dancers, have standard attacks that are naturally high in hits, with variability for more.
 Poison (Debuff): Adds poison, a stacking damage over time, per turn in this game.
 Ignition (Debuff): Adds ignite, a scaling damage over time. (Unsure of whether it is hp based or nin-based. Hope to find out soon.)
 Blindness (Debuff): Characters under this effect have greater chance to have attacks evaded.
 *All skills with the debuff note can be cleansed by a healer that removes them. In game most skills that do so say “cancel debuffs” instead of cleanse.*One of the best features of the NINJA>TEAM tab is that you can see all of a characters compatible combo partners by hovering their slot and doing DISPLAY MATCHES. This can give a very quick idea of who works together.

Among these there are a few others that I have seen in description but not in combat yet (help appreciated!) these include but are not limited to Tag and Slip. I’m also unsure if any more have been added in future updates but, as of know, these are all that are in game. It is also important to note that combos and skill activation follow character priority. The character chart in the NINJA tab does a good job of quickly showing who will attack first in a team comp. Priority gets a bit more advanced later in the game but for now follow that.

Part 2

General PvE: Here goes the start of the game and your journey! These are the early stages and teams that I used to get through things!

Now know this; there are several teams that you can use to get through early game content. Of course, some will just be better than others. Also, to reiterate, I play Breeze Dancer. Therefore the exact teams I list will best operate for her. However, after reading all the lead characters skills, I have found that most of them have similar kits, in terms of combo potential, apart from the high combo she provides.

What I have done, and something that many others already know, is that focusing on Team 7 (Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura) is arguably the best early game option out there. They are phenomenal for two big reasons…Scaling and team composition: They literally do everything you could ask for at just 2*, with Naruto and Sasuke becoming tremendously stronger at 3*. Naruto can provide front line stall with clones and, at 2* and above, has line damage with rasengan. Sasuke has several chase abilities for all different types of skills and, at 3*, can buff other lightning ninja. Sakura is nice because many ninja have a knockdown she can combo off of. She also heals every turn, up to twice passively and one big team heal, all while doing damage. Also, being designed as the first accessible team to the player, they also combo with every lead character fairly well. They are altogether a win-win team.

Along with the ever amazing Team 7 there are quite a few other notable characters to take advantage of for the general story of the game.
 Here you can clearly see the ninja I chose, but I will also list those I think can be helpful below.

Going with the F2P/More likely characters first…
 Hinata: Not usable at 1* (trust me) but upon reaching 2* she becomes a force to be reckoned with. As a frontline she can pull aggro (taunt) to herself with her mystery skill while also greatly improving evasion. If the opponent doesn’t use a mystery she effectively turns it into a 0 damage round for them. She also has a chase that allows her to block chakra. This means that, given the right circumstances, you can forcibly chakra block some big skills, such as team heals or disables. The easiest way is a mystery skill that has repulse in it, to ensure your target.
 Neji: Similar to Hinata. He buffs his own evasion by 20% permanently and does so even more round one. He also becomes the only target of standard attacks in that first turn. The upside is he doesn’t use the 20 chakra Hinata does to do so but the downside is its only the first turn he taunts. He does, instead, have the option of instantly sealing an opponents chakra and, as a frontline, he will have priority. A good alternative for more aggressive comps or those that lack a targeted repulse skill, such as Naruto’s rasengan, to pick their chakra plugged targets.
 Shikamaru: Although not a frontliner. Shikamaru is worth noting here due to his sheer lockdown potential. If he is on a team with a character who can cause knockdown he is able to effectively disable two enemy ninja. One with his knockdown combo and one with his mystery. That means two enemies will be completely stunned and take no action. If your team lacks repulse for someone like Hinata but has knockdowns he is an excellent alternative.

The following ninja are also noted because of a few specific scenarios…
 Kankuro: With use of his puppet first turn can create a pseudo-tank. With puppet out he also hits fairly hard, has a nice hit count, low float and poisons at the end. Can be useful for scenarios such as fights with large summons, the Gaara-Shukaku mission and Kyuubi event.
 Temari: Temari is listed because she provides the much needed repulse mystery ability to go with the likes of Hinata while also offering some decent damage and float combo setup. The big downfall here though is that there are other better damage dealers that combo with floats and other skills, such as Sasuke.
 Lee: With his self sustained leech ability, large combos and 2 attack per turn on mystery activation. Lee can dish out some insane damage and keep himself in a fight much longer than you’d expect. His biggest issue is that he’s entirely single target and standard attacks always hit right in front of him. He can be immensely useful in situations similar to Kankuro but, in that case, Kankuro is usually a bit safer.
 Kiba: With a clone, a repulse mystery and chance knockdown, Kiba has a few things going for him. He survives a bit longer than one would think while dishing out a nice amount of damage. His 2* form adds a very nice high combo chase that lets him randomly hit 3 enemies and turns his mystery into full team damage with Akamaru out, allowing for some very high aoe (area of effect a.k.a multi-target) damage. The big thing here is that you will be sacrificing quite a bit of utility and frontline to use him. Plus his spot in the future with the likes of 3* Sasuke’s massive aoe burst warrants a bit of hesitation on powering him up early.

Now we will discuss the rarer, more exclusive luxury ninja that you may come across…
 Gaara: Powerful early game. Buffs all other wind ninja, immune to combos, aoe mystery and self shield. Gaara has all the things you’d want early…if you pay. He can easily withstand a turn or two as frontline without taking damage due to shield and can dish out a lot of damage with skills. The only issue is he tends to fall off fairly quickly as the game progresses. He might live but his allies tend to die around him before he makes any large impact.
 Nine-Tail Naruto: Obvious con is the huge cost that goes along with this ninja. His pros are very obvious though. Extremely strong mystery scaling, ignites foes on contact, self heal and buff on taking damage. He is a very scary threat if he has allies to work with him. Keep him alive and he just gets stronger as the fight goes whilst you burn to death. He too falls off a bit but many people say if you manage to 3*+ him he’s insane.
 Shizune: I got her early and thought she would be great…I was fairly wrong. She isn’t a horrible character at all but the fact she doesn’t do damage with her standard hurts. Her poison is nice but compared to say, Karin, its not that great. She has some uses with knockdown>high float combos and does heal but Sakura/Karin tend to be much better.
 Karin: (See above) Karin is a great backline support. She heals, combos, aoe poisons and is generally just a nice addition. Aoe poison in a chase is very powerful as she can quickly stack poison effects and demolish her opponents. Pair that with the fact that she steadily heals her own teammates and you have a pretty pesky backliner.
 Kakashi: Kakashi is an early game combo powerhouse. 2*Sasuke<Kaskashi<Sasuke3*. Kakashi immediately steps in and adds combos to nearly any and every team comp imaginable. He also adds a clone to the fray that can do damage/tank and his downward combo paralyzes, which stops other peoples combos. Many people desire him for these reasons but he still plateaus early.
 Chiyo: Have never owned but have only heard good things about her. Strong damage with puppets, combo potential and poison make Chiyo scary on her own but her mystery also lets her revive an ally. This can make even a simple fight very scary in the long run as she can potentially keep puppets behind a strong tank and repeatedly revive them while doing damage.
 Kurenai: Another support ninja that is just okay in PvE. Her skillset is unique with chakra manipulation, heals, shields, debuff transfter and some combo potential. However, the fact that most of this comes from passives and her mystery skill makes it less potent. Her healing, which is the biggest necessity early, is easily surpassed by Sakura.Zabuza: If you run either heavy water or just heavy damage comps in general Zabuza may be for you. Heavy damage, some chase ability and a strong clone make him a formidable damage threat. However, sadly, the scariest part of his kit is also the hardest to use. If he gets a killing blow he gets another attack in that turn. The issue here is that he will either have to pick off low targets, which is hard with standard attacks, or be equipped with some of your best gear to do the damage to finish off foes. This is a bit of a gamble as you could easily pick someone with more reliable taijutsu damage to use.
 Guy: Guy is the core foundation of a monstrous taijutsu team in the early-mid game. Boosting allies damage and giving life leech on standard attacks means that his teammates not only do a ton of damage but heal from it as well. Pair this with his high damage and combos and he alone is powerful. Introduce another ally that works of taijutsu/chase combos and you have one scary team. He is also extremely flexible because nearly every character has a standard attack which, in turn, means nearly every character benefits from both of his passives.

Part 3

Player vs Player: Although this section is about PvP as a whole I will focus most of my tips toward one PvP aspect of the game: Arena. Hear me out though. Arena is big for two reasons. The first, and most immediately rewarding, is that there are some very nice rewards for ranking up in arena. The second though, is that arena offers an avenue to test out new teams, combos and mechanics that can be used in nearly every other part of the game. This is because outside of a select few PvE parts of the game (storyline, rich field, team instance and Nine Tails event) the turn order is very specific. It still follows the standard inner characters first > outer characters last and top>bottom turn system, that never changes. However, in other areas the characters on both teams take turns based on this order. It is no longer all of your side going first then all of the enemies attacks. Instead your character closest to the top right will go first then their character closest to the top left will go. That is why going into the arena and experimenting will be extremely useful. With arena putting everyone on equal footing and having unlimited participation it’s literally a free practice area that does nothing but benefit you! So get in there!Sidenote:If a team doesn’t work on manual play chances are it works even worse on auto and you won’t want to bring it into something like ranked battle. However, the opposite is also true. If a team is working very well on auto in arena it will probably do decently in ranked.

Keep in mind, I finished climbing arena in the first 3 or 4 days because I knew there would only be a handful of characters that people have and, as such, there are only so many combinations. As the game progresses there will be more characters and abilities to handle. Essentially, the longer you wait to do arena the harder it will be!

As I mentioned before, there are several characters that I found to be extremely beneficial during my climb; again, the easier to obtain characters will be reviewed first:
 Sakura: Small single heal every turn, sizable full team heal with cleanse, damage standard every turn and some decent combo potential makes Sakura just as viable in PvP as everywhere else. Her mystery skill heals for a substantial amount and clears debuffs off her teammates, however, she cannot be left on auto if it is up. She heals as soon as ANYONE takes damage. Seriously…It’s pretty horrid. However, if you manually control her you can save lives and turn battles as the priority of this ability is only surpassed by interrupts and a few other techniques in the early game.
 Lee: Easy to use tai damage monster. Lee has the ability to dish out tons of damage while also healing himself, even acting as a pseudo-tank if needed. He has the potential to do a pretty significant 10+ hit combo by himself with his mystery active and, with two standard attack chances to proc his chase, can be very good initiation into a knockdown based combo team. His 2* makes him able to do his gates turn one also, which can help set up some pretty nasty turn one debuffs/combos.
 Kabuto: Dual heal and cleanses every turn and can summon zombies to tank/damage for you. There is a reason so many people rush Kabuto as fast as possible when a server comes up. He adds a substantial amount of survivability and utility that is hard to match in the early game.Even though his heals might seem small, when you see two people being healed and a, likely, problematic debuff being removed every turn, it makes you realize how impactful he can be.
 Shikamaru: One of, if not the only, early game immobile available. Seriously, if you can take advantage of him. If you have a guaranteed, or nearly so, knockdown, from someone like Lee for example, you can completely stop one character from performing any actions. This can be monumental in a fight where every single turn matters. His mystery also has decent priority, from my own experience, and tends to be one of the first skills used in the round. If done right, every third turn you can have half of the enemy team immobilized! His 2* adds a nice amount of damage and ignition to an already immobile enemy. Whether you take that or lock down two characters is your choice but both options are nice to have.
 Naruto: Never underestimate the effectiveness of Naruto. He can fill out quite a few teams for several reasons. His clones not only tank but add a guaranteed hit rate and status to his kit (low float) which means a guaranteed combo. His rasengan does solid damage to the primary target and a decent amount to anyone behind them. His initial form is terrible but his 2* adds these and makes him pretty great all around.
 Hinata: Hinata is massive. She was, by herself, half the reason I got anywhere in early PvP and combat scenarios. Not many people can immediately use a turn one ability to bypass her taunt and rotation. No other character can put as much acupuncture as her early on either. Pair her with a guaranteed repulse and you have the ability to completely plug a characters chakra. This can stop some pretty catastrophic combos and, in turn, damage from coming out. If the opponent has no healer its even more problematic for them because you can essentially permablock someones mystery ability and make it much more favorable to you.

For those who are luckier, or have funds to spend a bit, there are some other notable options:
 Kurenai: Similar to what was noted in PvE. She has good combo potential a huge single target heal/shield, gives bonus chakra and debuff protection. Can be a nuisance when a proper team is built with her supporting them.
 Nine Tail Naruto: Self heal, damage buff, debuff protection and a nasty rasengan make this a scary foe. If he is left alive he can burn down opponents and heal himself while bolstering his own attack. Combined with a healer or two he will live for a long time and cause quite a few problems.
 Gaara: Gaara is similar to the Naruto above in the idea that he is a great frontliner. Immunity to most all combos is nice in itself. He can also shield and buff himself plus any other wind units in your team. This immediately makes him useful for teams of that element. However, he is also great when supported by a healer or two in the backline as he can put out some fairly consistent damage of his own.
 Karin: A very scary damage based support. Karin offers two chase abilities and a lot of poison. She also heals one character and two debuffs each action. This means that putting her behind one beefy frontliner usually keeps them alive long enough for her poisons to do some real damage.
 Shizune: Similar to Karin but even deadlier in stall comps. Shizune also has two poison abilities in her kit but, hers are amplified as she increases debuff damage to opponents. That means ignites and poisons will become horrendous for the opposing team. Add the fact that she buffs her entire teams healing and you can create some very diabolical combinations. Long ticking, stacked poison/ignite combos supported by a double heal backline…scary…
 Kakashi: Kakashi is an absolute nightmare early. He combos better than almost any character and adds so many status effects any new player’s head would reel. Not only does his kit complement itself, with combos being inherent in him alone, but his setup and cooperation potential with teammates make him that much better. A 10 hit combo followed by ignite and paralysis is nothing to scoff at. Yes. I know he’s easy to get as he’s free on day 7 but…
 Sasuke: That’s it. At 3*, Sasuke literally does everything Kakashi can but better. The only issue is that he is definitely not free and without some insane luck you will have to have farmed multiple forms of his elite instance to get these fragments.
 Zabuza: The things that make Zabuza a monster are always the same. When he does damage, he DOES damage. However, getting him to that point requires you to: A) Use most of your resources on him alone or B) Build a team of all water nin to work with him, as his blind is a double edged sword. Both of these are usually rough options for F2P players and, even then, require a bit too much effort just to make one early game ninja worth it.

One example of teams I used just to give an idea.

This was the team that I climbed nearly all of arena with, occasionally changing one or two for a fight just to throw repeat opponents off.

Conclusion: All in all, that about wraps up this beginners guide to Naruto Online. Keep in mine, all of this is geared towards early, week 1–2, gameplay. It is meant to keep you with, or even ahead, of the pack moving forward and preparing for the next few weeks. If there is anything I missed that you would like to know, or anything I need corrected, let me know! Last thing I want to do is give false information! I plan to either add more or write more posts so critique helps. Feel free to ask questions and thank you for checking out my guide!

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