Bcash is a new cryptocurrency that uses the existing Bitcoin ledger combined with Zcash privacy technology. It aims to alleviate the congestion in the Bitcoin network while protecting users with the strong privacy guarantees of Zcash technology.

It is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2018.

Mini FAQ:

How can I buy Bcash?
Bcash has not launched yet, there is no way to buy or sell it. Do not trust anyone offering to buy or sell Bcash at this time.

How is it related to Bitcoin Cash?
They are entirely different projects.

Why is there so much interest in Bcash already?
There are a number of scammers trying to cash in on the Bcash name. Be very cautious of anyone using the ‘Bcash’ name at this time. Bcash is not available for purchase or sale at this time.

When is the ICO?
There is no ICO for Bcash.

How can I get Bcash?
Bcash will use a snapshot of the Bitcoin ledger when it launches. If you have Bitcoin under your private control at that time, you will automatically receive Bcash.

Will the snapshot use the Bitcoin Settlement or Bitcoin Cash ledger?
Whichever ledger has greater marketcap at the time of launch will be used.

Who is behind Bcash?
I’m the cryptocoin developer FreeTrade. I worked on launching ProtoShares (the ledger was later used to seed BitShares), MemoryCoin (now defunct, but first coin to have voting and pay developers from the blockchain, and offer AES-NI GPU/ASIC resistance), HOdlcoin (first coin to pay interest on every balance and offer term deposits).

What will ticker name for Bcash be?
Bcash will use the ticker name ‘BCASH’