Simple 7 principles for Leadership & Life

i recently read a book titled “Your Best Life Now” by Joel Osteen, Pastor of Lakewood Church, TX. The book is written as a personal commentary from Joel’s life or life of someone he has come across. Joel discusses the role of God in our lives and how to improve our lives so we can better serve others and ourselves.

i was able to connect with Joel and here is what i learned about servant leadership from “Your Best Life Now”:

  1. Enlarge Your vision — as a leader, someone guiding the way, needs to know what the “end result” needs to be and “when” it needs to happen. Communication of this vision is equally needed so everyone following knows where they are going. Joel, mentions that enlargement of vision for a leader is also a combination of knowing that You can achieve more, being in success mindset and not letting the past hold you back

2. Develop a healthy self-image — how the leader thinks, values and believes about themselves is vital to how eventually they think, value and believe about the people they lead. Joel, discusses in great depth about God’s automatic built-in value in each person and leaders must realize that they and people being lead are created to succeed and not be mediocre

3. Discover the power of Your thoughts and words leader’s thoughts and words are the result of their mental programming i.e. what the brain thinks and what the tongue speaks determine the future. Joel discusses that leaders need to give hope and speak success into their personal lives and lives of people they are leading & serving

4. Let go of the past — we all sometimes in our lives have been hurt by others or we have hurt others. Leaders are no exception, Joel mentions from his vast experience, that forgiveness is to free ourselves from the pain so we can move to a higher stage of life. Bitterness, emotionally and physically holds back the leader from serving. Leaders must not only forgive others but they must forgive themselves

5. Find strength through adversity — all leaders face adversity, some more than others, Joel discusses that we must believe in ourselves and have deep faith in our Creator. There is timing for everything and leaders need to ensure they continue to put in the action through the difficult times and stay focused on what they have set out to achieve

6. Live to Give — what leaders sow so shall they reap is the mantra. Leaders need to put in the good seed. Joel clearly articulates that leaders must give to those they are leading and give with no expectation

7. Choose to be Happy — leaders must be happy and happiness is a choice coupled with being a leader of excellence, integrity and enthusiasm

The above seven principles can be easily applied to our daily lives. The content is rich with thought provoking examples. Overall, Your Best Life Now, is a easy read for all leaders and followers alike.

i wish You the success of small changes You are making your lives.