Making Fitness Simple, NO, Very Simple

2017 has just commenced, 1st month is over. A lot of you have probably set goals and one of the goals could be “I will go to the Gym” or “I will get fit”. Congratulations, if you have set those goals. Those who haven’t, please set your goals, just write something, anything to begin with, doesn’t have to be perfect but write it and where you can see it regularly.

  1. Improve a step further on your written goal. Just do it in a simple manner, if you have written it, just neatly cross off the existing and write near it and be more specific e.g. I will be weighing 60Kg by Dec 2017 by exercising 3 days a week for 15 minutes per session. Now be little conservative if you are 85Kg and you want to be 60Kg it may be difficult. So if you are 85Kg, you can aim for 80Kg or 75Kg, as we achieve our goals we can review again so don’t feel it may be too short. Don’t make it hard on your self. It has to be SIMPLE.
“just aim to make small, small changes in your daily life to succeed”

Next is keeping up with your goal. If you have kept up, congratulations! It is said it takes 22 days of continuous practice for a habit to be developed. Those of you who need help in keeping up with your fitness goals, lets do it very simply.

  1. If your review goal. It says “3 Days a Week”, or something with a duration on how many times you can comfortably go to the gym or run or play your favorite sport
  2. Now just use your smart phone calendar or any calendar and 3 days in advance to determine which day you can go, E.g. on Friday, plan for Monday, Wednesday, Friday and put a reminder for yourself for those days
  3. Now if you cannot go on that day just put another reminder for 1 day after that day or based on your schedule
  4. Follow this process for 2 weeks only and see you are able to set a schedule for yourself and follow your schedule
  5. Don’t worry if you are setting a reminder and not able to go for whatever reason, just do one thing, look at the written goal whenever you are not able to follow your schedule.

I will cover more on other topics related to fitness in my later posts. For now, just know that keeping fit is very simple and setting your goal & schedule are most important step in keeping fit.

Please share your feedback, leave your comments and let me know your thoughts?

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