Virtual office service is the best way to start and expand your company

Meaning and benefits of a virtual office.

The virtual office is considered as the most effective way to start a new company with low budget and without a physical office to reduce initial expenditures. As a consequence, you could get the pros of registration your business with a physical address just from your home. Furthermore, the virtual office also is a good way for the large scale companies to expand their business and have a physical address in London.

No unexpected difficulties while dealing with our services

The virtual office idea is a good way of setting up you company the only thing you need to start with our wide range of services is proofing your personality and your actual address by make a scan for your ID, such as, your passport and any paper to prove your address. For example, a bank statement and just send them to us through the email. Also, paying for any of our paid service always made through the virtual banks. For instance, PayPal which is considered as a very easy payment method for anyone. The only service which is not available until now is receiving parcels. Moreover, our address is not available for any search engine to make our clients more comfortable while dealing as professional companies. In addition, one of our greatest services is guaranteeing a full return for your money in case of any complaint from our service and unsatisfactory conditions.

Our large scale services that we could provide

We have a large scale of services which we always provide our clients and also suitable for everyone of them according to the scale of their company. For instance, the small companies and the large scale ones. Firstly, the free service, which is considered as the perfect choice for any new company as you do not have to pay any costs for our services while you still have a low budget of your company. We offer you a good service while covering your business and any government mail through your new address. Furthermore, there is no letters forwarded in this section and also the received letters should be collected in person. As we are not authorised to collect your letters in this case. Secondly, the light user, which is more suitable for the clients who are not able to collect their letters in person. As a consequence, we guarantee collecting your mails from government and forward them to you up to ten with additional service of forwarding more than ten letters with a small fee. Taking into consideration that this service is a paid one with very low cost per month. Finally, our service for heavy users which is the perfect one for large scale companies. In this section, we cover your business and government mails up to fifty letters. Taking into consideration, that you could receive more than fifty letters with additional fee. This service is considered as a suitable one in case of frequent mail which are not easy to collect in person.

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