Tour name: Ho Chi Minh Complex and Temple of Literature 
Guest: Peter Klinke and his wife 
Guides: Lệ Đỗ and me

🐧Pick up
Well, I had this tour after a long time of resting so it seems like my first tour again. I came to the hotel really early and waited for my partner, Le. 
At exactly 9a.m, our guests appeared. They were a Germain couple. We greeted, discussed the schedule and quickly started the tour.

🐧During the tour
Peter and his wife were sportive and okay with walking so we decided to go to the Mausoleum on foot.
We talked a lot on the way to the first destination. Rosy, the wife, was really interested in the daily life of Hanoians. We kept talking and got the complex after ~ 40 minutes. Free walking tour hanoi
Our guests were pretty surprised with the long, crowded line of people visiting the Mausoleum. Because we need to take them back before 1 p.m for the next tour, we were afraid of waiting too long. It would take a lot of time. But unfortunately, we couldn’t go to the Presidential Palace unless we went to the Mausoleum. We had to stood on the queue and waited. It didn’t take too much time as I thought. Yes, we walked around the Complex and exchanged a lot of information about the war, the politic and Uncle Ho as well. 
After getting the reason why the Presidential Palace was painted in yellow, they were proud of their yellow bathroom in Germany.
The couple were really nice, they listened carefully everything that we spoke. 
Sis Le always made some jokes so we laughed a lot. 
Having finished visited the Mausoleum, we took a taxi to get the Temple of Literature. It was quite late but we were enough lucky to see a group of students taking photos for their yearbook. The couple were impressed and took many pictures of them. best banh mi in hanoi
We tried to introduce them the main parts of TOL and quickly moved to the hotel because it was quite late and absolutely hotttt

The couple wanted to take a rest before going on the next tour so we took a taxi back the hotel and said goodbye.
It was not a really special tour but nice in general. Our guests were funny and kind. They loved everything we shared. It’s great to be able to go for a tour again. Thanks to my partner, I was not worried too much. Thank you. Thank you! 
And thanks all for your attention. Good night! \⁰^/