Freewallet updates of July

Hi! I am Alvin Hagg from Freewallet. This article is dedicated to dogs and girls. How are they connected to cryptocurrency wallets and our product updates? Well, let’s try to figure this out.

Smart, beautiful…

If Freewallet was a girl — what kind of girl would it be? Without any doubts, she’d be smart and beautiful. When I am thinking about this girl, I am imagining a model-like red-haired young lady with some sophisticated sight in her eyes.

I always fall in love with the girls from ShutterStock. I give them names. Meet Hanna.

When we are designing new features, we keep in mind that they should be attractive, simple and smart. So let me introduce our new Smart Pay Out.

Smart Pay Out

Recently all Freewallets were empowered with Smart Pay In feature. You can top up your wallet with any cryptocurrency, using best exchange rates. It’s some kind of crypto-tolerance. For us there is no difference what coin is needed. The only thing to be important is a coin you believe in.

Today we have added Smart Pay Out. Let me describe how it works:

But there is one more superpower added to your wallet.

Instant transactions

If you are sending your coins to any other Freewallet (in one chain), you are creating an Instant transaction. The destination wallet will receive your coins instantly and you don’t have to pay any fee for it. Once again:


As we are becoming bigger every day, we now can support off-chain transactions. That means that these transactions are internal and no blockchain is needed. We are approving them inside Freewallet ecosystem.

So if you are a Freewallet fan, you should invite your friends to use our wallet. ;)

Bitcoin Network Fee

One more “small” update is a Bitcoin network fee policy. We had some bad reviews about it, so we are now recalculating the network fee for every transaction, according to its size and value. Now you can be sure that the network fee is optimal for the transaction you are creating.

New wallets in Freewallet family

Recently we have announced two new wallets joining Freewallet family.

Dogecoin Wallet is 100% available both for iOS and Android. And we already have some positive reviews from our users.

Dogecoin Wallet reviews on Google Play

Lisk Wallet is now available only on Google Play. As we believe in Lisk’s potential there will be more news about it. Join beta testing and check beautiful backgrounds (I will write additional post about the way we are choosing backgrounds for new wallets).

What’s next?

Freewallet is constantly developing. We are updating our wallets almost every week with some sustainability and product improvements. This month you’ll have some bigger updates, such as 2 factor authentication, new UI, and transfers by email or mobile phone number. Join us on Twitter for upcoming news: