How Screening Room is challenging the way Hollywood works.
Ben Johnson

For $35/month you can buy a MoviePass subscription and have unlimited access to see movies in theaters. I’d much rather pay that to see everything whenever I want than $50 to watch something once at home.

Between 2013–2015 I saw 127 movies in theaters using MoviePass. Normal price per ticket in NYC is $15, so that would’ve cost me $1,905 total. I paid $1,260 instead. Using this, I would’ve ended up paying $6,350.

Granted, it’s not supposed to be the budget-friendly option, or the option for EVERY new movie, but that’s a lot of dough. Also, won’t it be much easier to pirate new movies if you can watch them in HD from your couch and just record/upload it from your living room? Couldn’t people just Periscope the whole movie to their entire Twitter audience?