5 Course Wine Dinner Near Me — Domaine Bousquet

Are you asking yourself, is there a 5 course wine dinner near me? If you are in Woodstock, GA or surrounding neighborhoods, the answer is yes. Even if you are a bit further out, it is worth the drive!

5 Course Wine Dinner

Featuring Domaine Bousquet

Domaine Bousquet is an organic winery in Tupungato, Uco Valley (Mendoza) Argentina that offer a variety of delicious wines that we pair with each course.

grapes for 5 course wine dinner
Red wine grapes in the Domaine Bousquet vineyard

They grow many different grapes in a climate ideal for organic production. The combination of sandy soil, good drainage, and cool and fresh air are the perfect conditions for good “wine stress”.

If you have high quality Argentinian wines, it is the perfect opportunity to pair them with Argentinian dishes. Freight took that idea and developed an incredible 5 course menu that highlights each wine with a traditional Argentinian dish. See the full menu.

When you think of classic dishes from Argentina, certain ones come to mind. The empanada is certainly a classic favorite and how dinner begins. For our first course, we will pair the empanada with the Chardonnay which offers a good balance of sweetness and acidity.

The second course is a salad with braised lamb, called Ensalada a La Parilla. We pair this with the Gaia, which has notes of blackberry, truffle and spices. This will blend well with the flavor of the lamb.

The third course is a veal stew with vegetables, called Carbonada Criolla. The Malbec is the choice for this course. Notes of current, coffee, and black pepper as well as shades of raspberry and fig make this a good choice for this course.

The fourth course serves as the main entree. It is called El Fuego Cocineros and is a grilled ribeye served with charred vegetables accompanied with the classic chimichurri, salsa roja, and salsa verde. Because it is beef, the Cabernet Sauvignon is obvious choice to pair with it.

Finally, the fifth course is the dessert, a sweet ending to incredible South American experience. The Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve is the pairing selection as it has intense flavors of black currant and tobacco as well as notes of raspberry and minerals. It will be wonderful with the selection of cheeses and Dulce de Leche, which is a classic Argentinian dessert.

We hope you book seats now for this special dinner.

Originally published at Freight Kitchen & Tap.