Partnering With Around Town Takeout — Woodstock, GA

Freight Kitchen & Tap partners with Around Town Takeout, an online delivery service of a variety of restaurants. This delivery service allows us to do what we do well and let our partner handle the delivery.

Around Town Takeout

Delivers off our menu straight to you!

So, it is really easy! Here is how it works. You have only 3 steps.

Step1: Go to the site and enter your address and zip code so the site can display the list of restaurants in your area.

Step2: Pick a restaurant (pick us!) from the list. The menu will appear allowing you to choose the items that appeal to you.

Step3: Checkout and you will have your order within 30 to 60 minutes.

Why Around Town Takeout?

The owner and founder, Steve Holden, started Around Town Take out on by himself with 4 restaurants delivering from his own jeep. He now has 2 dispatchers and 11 drivers servicing 30 restaurants.

Steve saw the need in July 2013. Steve noticed if you were hungry and wanted to “order in” you had
 no options other than Chinese or Pizza. Having lived in Towne Lake Hills South for the previous 7 years, he knew Woodstock was ready for a service like Around Town Take Out. He focuses on offering delivery from all the wonderful Mom & Pop restaurants in the area not the National Chains. He purposely grew at a slow pace to make sure they continued to provide superior customer service. “Our area of delivery grew as word of mouth about our service spread. We now offer delivery in Woodstock, Acworth, Holly Springs, and the Sixes & Bridgemill areas of Canton. We pride ourselves on being the first service like this in Cherokee County and take even greater pride in being a family-run operation.” says Steve.

It is the spirit of organizations like Around Town Takeout and the focus on local quality service that inspire us to partner with them. Give it try and get your Freight Kitchen & Tap fix delivered to you!

Originally published at Freight Kitchen & Tap.

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