GraphQL Finland conference schedule has been finalized. In this post I’ll highlight some of the talks that we are going to have.

The beginning — Adopting GraphQL in Large Codebases

We’ll begin the conference with a keynote by Adam Miskiewicz. At Airbnb, Adam helped build their GraphQL system. The big challenge was adopting GraphQL in a codebase that was as big as theirs.

In the same section Ellie Day is going to talk about how they adopted GraphQL in Atlassian and the emerging best practices from doing that.

It might look like a weird proposal — come to a cold Finland in October. Surely migratory flocks of polar bears will intercept your plane and eat you. We hope to dispel at least some of the myths about Finland in October (not the last one though).

This blog post aims to show you that it’s not so bad. In addition to Finland not being so awful in October, we actually do have amazing speakers giving great talks and affordable (at least according to some reliable lead developers) workshops.

All photos taken by me, so forgive my horrible everything.



GraphQL Finland 2018 will have in total four workshops aimed at different skill levels. Given the topic is still emerging, we have something for complete beginners. We also cover scenarios, such as migrating from REST to GraphQL, and help you to get more out of it in a production environment.

Free diversity workshop — Let’s Learn GraphQL with Sara

Our first beginner workshop is hosted by Sara Vieira, a developer avocado. The workshop will cover the basics of setting up a GraphQL server using Prisma and then consuming the API using Apollo.

We are doing something different with this one as the tickets to the workshop are distributed through…

A community-organized GraphQL conference

I’m super stoked to be organizing GraphQL Finland at 18–19th of October, here in Helsinki. After React Finland ended up being a big success, we thought we might add a separate GraphQL Day or a pre-event next year. However, at the afterparty of YGLF Kiev Juho and me decided to arrange an entire conference around the topic.

We felt there was room for a new GraphQL conference given only two exist so far. This way we can provide more space for emerging speakers and topics that might not get attention otherwise. The goal is to make the community stronger and…

Automatically forwarding a section of a GraphQL query to a subschema

This is a guest post by Mikhail Novikov, who worked on GraphQL schema delegation and schema stitching in the graphql-tools library. He is currently available for remote GraphQL contract work. Contact him at if you need some GraphQL help.

In this article I’m going to talk about schema delegation — a way to automatically forward a GraphQL query (or a part of it) to another schema. Schema delegation allows reusing parts of other schemas without manually querying them. Examples where schema delegation would be particularly appropriate include:

  • Building a GraphQL gateway that would forward queries to underlying GraphQL microservices

Combine multiple local and remote schemas into one

Today, we are proud to release graphql-tools 2.0, the first stable release of a new feature we call “schema stitching”: the ability to create a single GraphQL schema from multiple underlying GraphQL APIs. We think this new approach to schema development will unlock a lot of new potential in GraphQL, and we're very eager to see what people can do with it.

Learn how to use schema stitching in the docs!

Thanks to Sashko Stubailo for co-authoring this post.

What is graphql-tools?

graphql-tools is actually the oldest library developed and maintained by the Apollo community. It started out as a toolbox of several…

Help us build a GraphQL server demo platform

Last month we released Apollo Launchpad, a platform to prototype and demo GraphQL servers. Today we are releasing all of the code for Launchpad as open source on GitHub!

In the Apollo project, we’re committed to building valuable open source tools for GraphQL. One thing that’s new for us is building and maintaining Launchpad as an application, not a library. However, just like the open source libraries maintained by the Apollo community, we see Launchpad as a tool to benefit everyone interested in GraphQL.

We’ve already seen Launchpad be an effective tool to help people get started with GraphQL, and…

Enabling you to write GraphQL servers in your browser

Last month we announced Apollo Launchpad, a new tool to prototype GraphQL servers and create GraphQL learning experiences. We were amazed by the response: Launchpad was mentioned during several GraphQL Europe talks, and the community gave us amazing feedback as they tried it out between sessions. In this blog post, I’ll talk about how we built Launchpad and go over some important design decisions we made along the way.

What is Launchpad?

Launchpad is a platform to write and deploy GraphQL servers in Javascript. It’s similar to projects like JSFiddle, Expo Snack, Plunker, and CodeSandbox, but has an important distinction — it runs…

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