My way to the stars

A star is shining strongest when it's soon going to dye, my eyes has the same glow I know it I can see it I can feel it I see my glow it is sparkling like the sun.

I am shining more and moore but my strength getting weaker. I can hardly walk I pretend that I am lazy if someone ask me.

I just say no I do it later and ask some other person to do it for me. You look so beautiful are people saying…

Yes I am I am sparkling and the power of life is burning so strong and when you my friends will find out am I already gone I did not wanted to tell you I did not wanted you to think. Oh she is dying.. What would I say I better not visit here and let her rest thats is for here best.

No loud partys ore clubs. Dear friends when I go do I go in peace so forgive me that I not tell you please. I love you whit my smile and blue sparkling eyes.