Did I enslave Africans?
Justin Levine

Is racism dead? Is it over? If not, who is the biggest culprit of it? And how do white people talk to other white people about it? If this letter is so shockingly different, maybe that’s a good sign that we have a denial problem, collectively, as white Americans.

My point with this is not to divide, but rather to unite. To unite us all to work together to defeat this problem within our midst instead of ignoring it as we have for a century and-a-half. And then, years down the road, when we’ve finally shamed racist pricks into submission and into the closet where they belong (after all, there will remain a few no matter how badly we stigmatize it), then we can all unite: white, black, each various shade of gray in between. We can unite and enjoy a society like much of the rest of the world has. Is that too much to ask? Or am I just some ignorant asshole?

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