Lauren Modery

Hi Lauren!

As a tiny house builder, owner and liver I’d love to answer your questions!

  1. My house is always clean and tidy, if there is stuff everywhere you literally cant live in the space effectivley so everything has a place and it stays there :-) It’s great, living small means no clutter so its hard to make the place messy anyway!
  2. Privacy… I am really lucky to live on a piece of land out in the middle of nowhere, my neighbours are the chickens and the river, its very private indeed :-)
  3. Being alone… Again, totally lucked out with this one, whilst building my tiny dream i met a guy who was also building his tiny dream, so between the geek outs on our respective caravan buildings we built a relationship, and its great, we each have our own house, and our own space, but we live on the same piece of land (at opposite ends) so we can hang out whenever we like. I built the tiny house for myself with no intention of having a partner moving in and I really need my own space so it amazing!
  4. Guests? No problems! I have built into the living room a fold out bed (which is also a HUGE box that holds pretty much all of my clothes, which i have heaps of, so this has answered your other question) so guests can stay and be super comfy and cosy :-) Hey, if they / I want their own space they can also sleep in my camper van! :-)
  5. Just to let you know, building the dream is HARD! I had no idea what i was doing when i started, it has taken me two years so far and i dont think it will ever be fully finished, but it was totally worth every last minute of time and cent i put into it. I wouldn’t do it again (unlike my insane partner who is now on mark 2!) but it was totally, totally worth doing! I have a woodburner too, which is so lush this winter, there was snow on the ground this morning and toasty as inside my tiny house :-)
  6. I have LOTS of clothes… I have a queen sized bed with almost head height storage so i actually have way more room in my tiny house than i ever have had in rooms I’ve rented.
  7. Sexy time is amazing… I have a queen sized bed, built like a princess cave, plenty of head height as its a 2.5m ceiling and a fit man who understands me. Here’s to living the dream guys! Go out and build your own! :-)

I hope this helps you with your questions :-) All the love xxx

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