Denial is a really fucking scary thing. It’s absolutely amazing that it even exists. If there was one thing I could wish away from existence, denial might be the thing. Denial is what is keeping you in your story of ‘well, I’m ‘okay,’ it’s not that bad.’ NO. This shit IS BAD. Stop lying to yourself.

Denial is what keeps you warm at night without you even knowing it’s in bed with you.

Denial is there whether your teeth are brushed, if your clothes are on inside out, and doesn’t care if your boyfriend breaks up with you or not. Denial is fucking scary. Until you can SEE denial, there is not much hope for truth or real change.

The problem with denial is that you can’t even tell it’s there and that it’s the lens through which you’re viewing the world. You think it’s your REALITY.

Take off the cloak of denial through self-inquiry, prayer, meditation, and sharing with someone who loves you and who is wise.

Denial is strong, but can’t stand up to a willing and sincere heart.

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