VidCon Debrief

Did you watch the full unedited video of the panel?
Did you RESEARCH that the people in the audience did or did not have passes, because the fact that you imply that the accusers ‘could have’ snuck in despite the fact that, they did have passes, and you did this without researching is practically defamation. Just ‘assuming’ that they did and just tossing that in is literally called poisoning the well.
Did you WATCH any of Sargon’s videos about Anita?


It’s the fact that you seem to not even acknowledge that maybe what she said was wrong, that you didn’t do any investigation in the situation other than listen to what Anita said.

Did you even ask Sargon what happened?

Your allowing a serial harasser to harass the audience, your letting a bully depict the rules, and then break them.

This is just the start of a terrible thing your creating, and this isn’t going to be caused by ‘us’, we are not going to be the one to make it worse, you are, you are by letting people like Anita break the rules without retribution.

She’s making your convention look like a circus, and if this is to continue, ‘she’ and people like her, not us, not people like Sargon and the people in the first three rows, are going to make the next Vidcon and future Vidcons turn into worse messes, turn into half assed daycare centers for people who cant take criticism, and when you cant provide them anymore, when their demands are so absurd that you cant fill them, they are going to turn on you, and by then, they will be running the show, and bringing you down with it.

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