An Update

I feel terribly uninspired to write about anything at the moment, but I promised an update. Here it goes.

As you might know from my last post I’m rebuilding after I inadvertently broke it. Oops.

I initially toyed with using Rails but later determined that it would be overkill for what I have in mind. I’ve been prototyping with Middleman locally due to it’s Ruby base, conventions & ERB templating. It’s not quite ready and now I’m even having second thoughts on my design. I hope to release something soon, even if it’s a barebones solution.

Studying was at a minimum for a while due to adjusting to my new job, unexpected health stuff & more. Now and for the past several weeks, momentum has picked up. I’ve been immersing myself deeper into Ruby, JS & AngularJS. I’m doing this because all three seem to stimulate my mental appetite unlike anything else. The second motivating factor is the open career flexibility ahead. More on that another time.

I’m learning a ton in my role as a front end developer. It’s been a valuable learning experience so far. I’m currently working on several projects with a huge queue of work lined up to keep me busy and growing, at least until I decide it’s time to move on. It’s quite the adventure to work with many technologies, stakeholders, process challenges, etc.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading!