You only get one shot at life

We need to understand that we have one shot at life. That shot comes from the weapon (mind), I choose to put the ammo (thoughts) of life, which means that when I shoot it needs to be calculated to move through the difficulties that I encounter in my scope (perspective of life).

Daily practice of my shooting is necessary so when I shoot I can be impactful in life.

The weapon (mind & body) that you have is the only one you get. We need to make sure that it is as sharp as can be everyday of our life.

You only get one shot at today and every day time goes by your ammo (thoughts) is/are penetrating through obstacles (difficulties) and reaching the target (end of day). At the end of the day we need to ask ourselves,

"How much of an impact am I making".

If you're not happy with the answer then we need to ask ourselves,

"What can I do to change the next day".

If we're lucky to have a next day then we can adjust our scope (perspective) and change our ammo (thoughts) Redefining our thoughts and renewing or mind is the key to making our shot count.

The one shot at life is not done in one shot it consist of many shots one day at a time.

Don't be that person that shoots in the air to be noticed. It will only last for a moment. We need to feel everyone's impact by sharping our minds with good thoughts and reaching the end of the day fulfilled with the results.

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