So back in October 2016, I decided to revive an old music trend of mine that I used to do every month. Back in 2012 it was called ‘The Singles’ (how ominous…).

The aim of this playlist was for no song to be similar to the one previous, going against a lot on streaming services’ innate programming of beat-matching ‘shuffled’ songs. The difficulty in maintaining that concept also provided the freedom of being able to include music that I felt made the playlist work better sonically but I guess that’s a subjective opinion (a bit of a redundant point when writing about music).

There are 12 playlists (in counting) and they’ll be posted with relatively short accompaniments but I don’t want to diminish your will to scroll so I’ll break down the archive for you (all).

So here is begins… something else.

October 2016

The beginning of the playlists, attempting to create a systematic approach to discovering music and it led me to discover:

November 2016.

November led to the discovery of:

December 2016.

Through the snow (okay, slush) and back, December led me to discover:

December is a really powerful month for music I feel. Nothing is more suited to awful weather than atmospheric music and Cosima encapsulates that perfectly.