The “joys” of car ownership

Ready to take the plunge on a new (or new to you) car? Be sure you know all that comes with it!

Oh the joys of car ownership…

It starts with deciding what car? Are you going to buy? Lease? But don’t worry, it’s not like this is the 2nd biggest purchase of your life behind your house or anything. What type of car do you want? New? Used? Coupe? SUV? Sedan? Minivan? It’s likely going to be with you for at least 3 to 5 years. Do you buy for the needs of your day to day? Do you get the car that you might need a few months out of the year? What options do you want? Is that color going to look okay in a few years?

Ok, now you’ve decided on the car, time to go to the dealer and figure out a good price. This is true for a purchase and a lease. With a lease, how many miles are you going to drive over those 3 years? You could look at your current commute, but what if you get a new job, move, etc? Sometimes I can’t predict what my needs are next month let alone some 30+ months from now! With Carma Car, you choose your car a month at a time. You can stay in your car as long as you want, but if anything changes, that’s okay too!

Phew, you made it out of the dealer, car in hand. Eventually, the new (or new to you) car smell and the honeymoon period slowly fade away. With the day-to-day, things like routine maintenance, check engine lights, and other service needs can be a drag. You have to figure out where to take it, and set up time to take it in. If something is wrong, while some things might be covered under warranty, that isn’t always the case. After about $100 to $150 for a diagnostic fee, you may get a list of a few items that need attention. You should DEFINITELY do items 1 and 2. You could pass on items 3 and 4, but it could potentially end up more catastrophic if you don’t do it today, and then you can just keep an eye of #5 for the next visit. Do you trust this place? Do you go get a second opinion? Does this mean having to come back and getting it done? Carma Car takes care of all maintenance, and we are in charge of taking the car in as well. You get to enjoy the car as a car!

A quick pothole caused this irreparable damage to the tire on my car. Luckily the wheel was okay, but still costed $180 to get a new tire, had to wait until the part came in, wait at the dealer while they mounted it, etc. FUN!

Finally, the only thing that might be worse than buying a car is potentially having to sell it or trade it in. First, if you’re not done with your loan or your lease, there’s a likelihood that you’re underwater on the car, meaning that you owe more than it’s currently worth. Negative equity is never good news. And getting a valuation or appraisal on your car can differ widely from dealer to dealer, especially if you’re getting another car. It’s a balance between the offer they’re giving you on your next car versus the value on your current car. With Carma Car, you’re never upside down, and you can jump out whenever your month is up, no strings attached. Forget the hassles of car ownership, and come experience the joys of car loanership through a Carma Car subscription.

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