Christina Rea loves the way a building can tell a story — every structure brings her back to a specific time, place, and culture.

“As an art historian, architecture was an intriguing way to contextualize the progress in civilization,” Rea said. “It’s at once structural, sculptural and functional.”

Rea isn’t an architect per se, but she views her jewelry designs in a similar manner. “As an artist, evolution and progress is always on my mind.”

Rea is the founder of Crea Designs, where she hand cuts and makes jewelry with a minimalist approach. …

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Diana Domino, Owner of Brighter Days Co.

As a child, she loved getting creative and working with her hands. In school, she was known for turning in the best projects. For holidays and birthdays, she’d come up with clever tailor made gifts rather than opting for a pair of fuzzy store brand socks.

“I love pushing my limits and my boundaries and seeing what I am capable of doing,” Domino said.

Domino is the business owner of Brighter Days Co., where she hand makes all natural soy wax candles using scented fragrance oils and untreated, smoke free wooden wicks. …

Ask Donna Harrison her favorite flavor of chocolate and she’ll tell you that’s equivalent to asking someone their favorite child.

Harrison is the woman behind Chocolate Sage in Asbury Park, where you’ll find all of your sweet tooth needs. The shop, which opened two years ago, is full of her chocolate creations vibrant colors, textures and flavors, including habanero, hazelnut latte, raspberry, lavender, mango passion fruit, and peanut butter.

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“I’m not an artist in the typical or classical sense,” she said. …

Fresh Markets

Farmers and Makers Market bringing fresh, local produce and curated, handmade goods to NJ communities. Asbury Fresh|Belmar Fresh

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