A Helping Hand: Jessica Isbrecht Gives Back To The Earth And Community At Green Duchess Farm

Jessica Isbrecht wants to instill a love for the earth and community into everyone, her knowledge of environmental science, biology, and farming act as a way to channel that love. And that’s actually pretty easy considering she never stops farming, even in the winter, and has always loved animals.

“The best thing about my business is spending time with my animals,” Jessica said. “I love quietly observing their behavior. My pigs are quite curious and playful creatures. They are a delight to watch.”

Jessica grew up on a small Christmas tree farm in northern New Jersey. She currently lives and runs operates Green Duchess Farm across from the Negri-Nepote Native Grassland Preserve in Franklin Township, New Jersey.

“I never thought about farming as a career,” Jessica admitted.

Jessica received a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Delaware and worked for an environmental consulting for many years.

“But it wasn’t until my mother passed away from cancer in 2013 that I decided to go back to my farming roots and start a business that would provide clean, chemical-free food to my local community.”

She created Green Duchess Farm in honor of her mother, “who was an independent and entrepreneurial woman,” Jessica dedicates her business to providing nutritious and organic food that improves people’s health.

Then it became something bigger than herself. Something meaningful. And something she could share.

To The Earth

Green Duchess Farm’s mission is to provide naturally grown, healthy, chemical-free vegetables and meats while respecting the land and ecosystems present on the farm.

“My customers range in age and gender but the commonality is that they are typically educated and concerned about where their food comes from,” Jessica said.

The farm is committed to organic growing methods that do not harm the several sensitive bird populations, whose homes are on Jessica’s farm.

To The Community

Jessica actively participated (for 12 years) in the local Warren County 4-H program, a youth development program of the Rutgers Cooperative Extension, designed to teach essential life skills to the next generation of responsible adults. She taught extensively on topics ranging from healthy equine, rabbit, and poultry to vegetable and flower farming practices.

According to their site, “4-H is a community of young people across America who are learning leadership, citizenship, and life skills.”

Whether it is a group of children willing to learn or curious customers at farmers markets, Jessica is always willing to share her ideas and farming practices.

“Customers of these markets seem to really embrace my mission and appreciate my product. That means the world to me.”

Community is important for local farmers and locals too. Jessica is also a current member of the Northeast Organic Farming Association, an organization that provides continual education for farmers, and a Journeyperson in the NOFA–NJ Beginning Farmers Program.

According to Jessica’s website, “When not digging in the dirt, she can usually be found rock-climbing, horseback-riding, or just plain wandering around the woods.” Well, The Fresh Markets Crew and customers hope she keeps wandering back our way with her delicious organic food.

Take a look at what Green Duchess Farm is up to on their website, Twitter, Facebook, and blog. And, as always, you can find them in Kennedy Park in Asbury on Sundays.

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