Ariel Yegelwel: Making & Baking Simply Delicious Desserts

Food isn’t just food any more. The story behind the food and where it came from is as important, if not more important, than what you eat now.

That’s why Ariel Yegelwel, owner of Simply Delicious Bakery, started a business that sells freshly baked pastries with intense flavor but made with simple ingredients.

“It’s great to be able to tell a story about each of my ingredients and where they came from,” Ariel said.

Ariel is new to the Asbury & Belmar Fresh Market Community but already sees the benefits of joining and being near many other like-minded vendors.

“Networking with other vendors makes it easier to find more local product so I’m not just purchasing from whole foods or other online organic markets,” Ariel said. “I am able to walk down to the next tent to get my honey and the next one to get my zucchini for my zucchini & apple bread.”

Food brings people together. Family, friends and strangers alike are all drawn together by food — and it is always a positive experience (especially when it’s delicious)!

“It pleases me to know that food is truly a positive experience in people’s lives — it surrounds holidays and that means family,” Ariel said.

So What’s Your Story?

Ariel was born in Manhattan and moved to New Jersey as a young teen. Baking, cooking, and food have always been important to her, but desserts were always the sweetest.

“I can remember being 10 and waking my parents every weekend at 7 am asking them when we were going to the supermarket. I just loved going there. I enjoyed trying food and attempting to replicate it for my family.”

Ariel went on to attend Johnson and Wales University, receiving a Bachelor of Science in baking and pastry arts.

“I bake because it is what I was born to do,” Ariel said. “It is something I have always done but it took me a few years to realize I could do it for a living.”

Ariel bakes all of her goods the night before or even the morning of to have the freshest product. “I try to use as many organic ingredients as I can afford so the product is also healthy,” Ariel said.

Ariel has found that healthy is really important and is achievable without sacrificing the savory side of her desserts, but she has her sights set on a bigger issue.

A Quest For the Perfect Pastry

“I wish I could create desserts for everyone,” Ariel said. “So many people have allergies now it is difficult to have something for everyone. Also, there are many vegans and that is a whole new field for me.”

Find out a little more about what Ariel does on her Facebook page.

It’s hard to make everyone happy, but what if there was a dessert that everyone could eat? A vegan, gluten free, non-GMO dessert that is still mouth watering and scrumptious — does this Holy Grail of desserts exist?

Well, Ariel wants to find out.

“It’s been a mission of mine to find the right combination of ingredients to create an amazing product that no one would know it was gluten free or vegan etc,” Ariel revealed. “I’m in the process of targeting these issues right now, but it’s a long process.”

Getting direct feedback and being able to interact with customers helps with the experimentation process.

“It is great to be right in front of the customer to hear what they like or dislike so I can be more on point with what I bake next”

Why do you do it?

“I make desserts because I love to eat them!” Ariel admitted. “I also love the artistic side to it.”

Making desserts that not only taste good but are aesthetically pleasing is how Ariel expresses herself artistically.

“The favorite thing about my business is impressing people with my desserts and having people come back and tell me how much their family enjoyed it.”

As Ariel continues to pursue the quest for the perfect pastry, we at Belmar Fresh are impressed and promise to give lots of feedback on all the desserts we eat!

And if you want to be impressed too, stop by Ariel’s tent this Saturday and try some simply delicious baked goods.

Find out a little more about what Ariel does on her Facebook page.

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