Crea Designs — Creating With a Passion For Jewelry

When inspiration strikes it needs to come to fruition — it needs to get out of the mind and onto the page. But this is easier said than done. In most companies, there are always those bureaucratic naysayers who intercept any great idea you have and demolish it before coming to life.

It’s a little different for Christina Rea, whose small business Crea Designs makes a variety of jewelry with minimalist versatility in mind.

“If I have a crazy idea at 2 AM, I can implement it the next day and see how it effects change in my business,” Christina said.

Ah, one of the many joys of running your own small business…no boss to shoot down your awesome ideas.

Christina studied history and archaeology in college, where she developed a fascination with craft specialization and a love for artifacts and their provenance (a.k.a. where they originate from). Christina spent a few years working in the luxury retail industry, specializing in the fine jewelry sector, which led to creating her own jewelry.

The word crea in Italian means ‘creates.’ Christina’s passion for travel stemmed from her time in Florence, where she studied oil painting and museology.

A Rock Solid Connection

Christina brings her wares to the Fresh Markets because as a local jewelry maker, the most important thing is to reach out to the local community!

“I do what I do because I have a tremendous love and respect for the creative process,” Christina admitted. “Having the ability to create products that I love with my own two hands that simultaneously fulfills people’s wants and needs is extremely gratifying.”

The connection Christina creates with her customers is two-fold, they enjoy her jewelry/ home decor and she gets useful feedback from local people.

“I love seeing how customers react, how it can help my business, and what I can improve on and grow,” Christina insisted.

A World Traveler Turned Jeweler

Having a great appreciation for similar things can bring people together and customers tend to get creative with many of the products they buy in the Fresh Markets.

“I take great joy in sourcing gemstones from all over the world and designing pieces with subtle sub-contexts of history with a modern appeal,” Christina said.

If you think about it, the process is an adventure in itself. Seeking certain kinds of dazzling resources from around the world, plan out each piece to bring historical motifs to life, and finally, create jewelry with a modern aesthetic appeal.

It’s All About Community

Christina sees the markets as more of a place where travelers come together and tell their stories, no matter what your background.

“I love seeing how my customers use my products in their everyday life; it’s a joy that no corporate paycheck could ever provide,” Christina stated.

Because of this direct customer feedback Christina’s business is thriving in Asbury. Attending the markets also gives Christina a chance to talk to other vendors about great business opportunities.

“Joining the Asbury Fresh family has been hands down the best decision for my business. I am not only networking with vendors for business opportunities but also learning so much from them. Some have many years in the market business and have great advice to offer. It has also provided me with a forum to connect with local customers, helping me understand my demographic and what products fit in with their lifestyle.”

Having a great crowd is one thing, but having a great group of vendors can really make or break a market. And while Christina will always have the freedom to implement her crazy ideas in a small company, she’ll always have a sounding board and always be in good company at the markets.

Christina offers a wide selection of her handmade jewelry every weekend at the Fresh Markets, so you know where to find her. But if you want to find out more in the meantime check out the cool stuff she’s doing on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

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