Healthier Eating With Hough Family Farm

What a Family Farm Means

Brian Hough and his family operate a small farm where they raise sustainable products such as grass-fed beef, grass-fed lamb, pastured Berkshire pigs, pastured chicken, and free range eggs. Prior to the Hough’s having their first child, they didn’t really observe what types of food supply they took in, but during their first pregnancy they started to research healthier alternatives within their expense budget.

The Hough’s discovered how important it is to have other families become aware of healthier eating all while staying in a reasonable financial budget. Using both their backgrounds of growing up on family farms (Brian grew up on a fruit and vegetable farm and his wife was raised on a horse farm) they decided to challenge themselves by developing their own family farm and market.

Free Range Eggs

Rediscovering his Roots

The Hough’s now dedicate their time to a livestock farm that has become a successful family business located in South Hampton, New Jersey. They help provide homegrown raised meats at an affordable price while being environmental friendly.

Just as any business though, the Hough farm deals with challenges that they must overcome. Brian described some of those challenges when we spoke to him,

“Our greatest challenge is land. It seems we never have quite enough land to do what we would like. It would be great if we had more ground to raise our animals on. Since space is tight it limits us as to the volumes we can do.”

Even with the limited space Brian hasn’t let this disrupt the growth of his family business. Brian is a person who has never been interested in an office job operating a family farm allows him to spend quality time with his children on a daily basis.

“It’s like I get to bring my kids to work every day and that is awesome. Our oldest, who is only 3, has more responsibility than most people’s teenagers and I would guarantee he could work circles around them,” Brian said.

Through networking and the use of Asbury Fresh, the Hough’s have been able to share their products with several vendors and carnivores in the area. Prior to working with Asbury Fresh, they weren’t fully exposed to the large target market that they currently have. They also recently structured their products to vegans by offering milled ancient grains.

Working With Other Farmers In the Community

While customers shop for the delicious, reasonable, ethical, and sustainable, raised meats, the Hough’s share suggestions on cooking ideas by marketing other farmers in the area such as Harvest Moon and Farmer Meg.

One of their favorite dishes they recommend is a Broccoli Rabe Parmesan Sausage! When farmers work together it can help feed an entire community all while staying healthy and cost friendly. Brian has such faith in his products that he joked about taking his 1,000 pound Boar, Boris, as his weapon in a battle if he had to. When a farmer believes in his product as much as Brian than you know it’s the best!

Visit the Hough family Farm and many more at the Winter Popup Markets, every Saturday from November 26th — December 17th!