How one tabby cat named Ophelia led to a jewelry business

Ophelia Moon Jewelry all started with a tabby cat.

Noelle Puzino, who founded the jewelry business in March of 2015, said the idea came about after her cat Ophelia passed away.

“She was such a huge part of my life that I felt like I needed to do something to pull me out from being sad,” Noelle said. “Also, when she was alive I kept getting this weird thought in my head, like it’d be so cute to make a jewelry company (named after her).”

Before starting Ophelia Moon, Noelle had no experience in jewelry design.

Her mother Theresea Puzino said she was always into fashion growing up.

“Oh my god she would have to change her outfits like three or four times before I would take my son to the bus station,” Theresea said with a laugh. “She was only about three years old then.”

Noelle would also spend a copious amount of time rearranging her room, a skill that comes in handy with jewelry making as she often has to put pieces together until they fit.

At first, she mainly used raw crystals, colorful stones, and bullet shells for her designs. But since then, she’s expanded to include silver stamped key necklaces, and wraparound choker necklaces with crystals and stones.

“I feel like I’m always changing,” Noelle said. “When my style changes so does the jewelry.”

Noelle doesn’t plan out her pieces beforehand — there is no sketching process that goes into her work.

For her, inspiration can’t be forced.

“I had a bad two weeks of this,” Noelle said. “I couldn’t create anything new. It just wasn’t making me happy.” It wasn’t until a few days ago when she was sitting on the couch and new ideas starting flooding in — she jumped off the couch and started working.

Owning a small business was always an interest of Noelle’s. She previously worked in a consignment shop in Point Pleasant, which was constantly flowing with regulars.

“I built a lot of relationships with that and I missed it,” Noelle said. “That’s why it’s nice being at the markets because you interact with the people, you have them coming back to you.”

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