Perry Foster tends to dive headfirst into new careers.

She’s worked more jobs than most people have in a lifetime, yet alone two lifetimes.

Foster’s spent years working as a vet technician, had a brief stint in marketing, she worked in a bakery, a brewery, a salon, and even learned how to weld at a metal shop.

“It’s probably (a bit) of a problem,” Foster said. “The jack of all trades, master of none … but I figure the more skills you get, the more you can do with yourself whatever situation you find yourself in.”

Today, she’s determined to own a successful farming business.

Foster founded Soul Purpose Farm two years ago — her farm is located in Hillsborough and is part of New Jersey’s Sustainable Farming Enterprise Program, which is designed to support farmers who are new to the industry. She shares the land with other young farmers looking to jump start their business.

Her venture into the farming world all started with a diet.

“I started clean eating. I was paying all this money for organic food at the grocery store,” Foster said. “I realized I’m paying all this money and I don’t know where it comes from. I don’t know how good (these industrial farms’) practices are. I thought, ‘Hmmm. I want to do this better.’ ”

Her farm carries tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, greens and specialty ethnic produce, which can be found at the Bradley Fresh markets on Thursdays.

Working on the communal farm, has proved to be a beneficial experience for Foster.

“Everyone has their own niche,” Foster said. “There’s Green Duchess Farm who does pastured pork, and Farmer Meg who does beautiful, cut flowers, and then there’s Hunter’s Family Farm who does pastured poultry. Everyone kind of does something different and it ends up working out — it ends up being that all-inclusive farm experience.”

Meanwhile, Foster’s niche tends to be Hispanic produce and weird heirlooms.

“I’m looking to make this grow,” Foster said. “I’m hoping I can really take this and run with it and bring my model wherever I end up in the world.”

Follow Foster’s journey on Instagram @SoulPurposeFarm or contact her at 732–233–3954.

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