Vendor Spotlight: Jaimie Penrose of Sea Blossoms Bridal

In this series, The Fresh Markets Team picks a vendor to learn more about. We share our findings with the rest of the community so everyone can get to know the personalities behind our vendors.

Sea Blossoms Bridal is a custom floral design company based out of Asbury Park, New Jersey. Jaimie Penrose enjoys creating floral crowns for festival goers or brides.

Why do you make your products/goods? I make flower crowns for Festival and bridal events.

What is your background, where you came from and what brought you to this moment? I have a BA in fine arts and fell in love with installation art while working for Free People creating their window displays. I’ve always loved flowers so I decided to start creating with them. From there I started making smaller floral creations that people can wear.

What is the favorite thing about your business? When I wear flowers in my hair I feel beautiful. I love creating something that helps others have that same feeling.

What is one thing that you wish you could improve or change about your business? There’s a few things on my list but as time goes on, I am consistently learning the best ways to go about doing things.

How does the Asbury/Belmar Fresh scene help you?
Asbury Fresh gives me great exposure. We have also become very close over the years and it’s really great to have a little vendor family as support because being a small business owner isn’t always easy.

How does networking with other vendors help your business? We all buy and promote each other’s product which is really great.

Who are our customers? My customer ranges from babies to grown women who love wearing flowers in their hair. Some tourist but mostly locals that have events coming up. I sell casual hair clips and headbands along with special occasion crowns so I have enough options for any woman that loves flowers.

 If you had to pick one of these words to describe Asbury/Belmar Fresh which would it be and why? I would say glorious because I spending a Sunday outside in the park is a glorious way to spend a Sunday.

You find out a little more about what Sea Blossoms Bridal is up to on their Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and blog.