What I learned not drinking for two years
Andy Boyle

I have not drank (is that even grammaticaly correct?) in over 20 years and not because I am in AA or anything, I just choose not to. There was zero value for me. Taste like shit and made you feel like shit. Where is the fun? I also learned a new term “straight-edge” (new to me probably old to the world) that can help me just describe it when people ask.

No one has ever given me any grief about it either, though judging by my appearance people always assumed I did which was always ok. Once they found out I didn’t they would always say “oh that’s cool”.

One observation I have is that in the Northeast anyway, it seems to be ingrained into the social culture and though I have been all over the country I have noticed it most in the Northeast. While I am sure it’s elsewhere I would love to see if anyone has any thoughts?

Anyway good for you man, I like to see people that don’t need to drink to be social or live their lives.

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