Shade your eyes with colored lens from Fresh Tone

Pursuing some of the cosmetic beauty treatments available for the eye area can be very expensive, but it seems everyone is doing “a little something” to look younger, more vibrant or just prettier. People are trying different kinds of things such as eyelash extensions, which adhere to the natural eyelash and are even going for permanent eyeliner tattooing.

Instead, why not try a pair of colored contacts in the eye color of your choice and buy yourself a new set of eye shadows, pencils, mascaras or even a spa vacation with all the money you save. You can get a pair of quality color contacts for as low as $ 25 AUD from Fresh Tone, which will have you looking like a million bucks! People will come up and ask what you did to look so great, but it can be your little secret!

Fresh Tone offers a plethora of choices in colored contact lenses that are packed following the highest possible standards of health and hygiene. Our products are all non-prescription contact lenses, which mean, you can wear them without any prescriptions.

Colour contact lenses can change your looks dramatically. You can choose from a variety of options, ranging from lenses that are designed to blend subtly with your natural eye colour, to those that are designed to completely change your eye colour. If you have light coloured eyes, you can consider going in for enhancement tint lenses, which will accentuate the colour of your eyes. To get this look, you can try out shades like the premium emerald green, premium topaz blue, premium pink, etc. On the other hand, color tints are opaque, deeper ones which completely change your eye colour. Shades like the aqua blue super natural, sky blue super natural, lime super natural, sweet violet super natural, etc. can do the job.

You can choose from blue, green or gray if you want sober options. We also have beautiful blending contact lenses in shades of pure honey, sugar gray, sterling gray, pure hazel, gemstone, light blue, sapphire blue, etc. We also have special effect contact lenses for Halloween which can make your eyes look like the eyes of a zombie, a dragon, a terminator, etc. You can also try the Black Sclera full eye contact lenses that can give the realistic vampire look to your eyes.

You can order all our colored contact lenses online. Moreover, we have just introduced ‘Afterpay’, which means now you can purchase your lenses with 4 simple fortnightly interest free payments. To buy our premium colored contact lenses, got to our website at