Looking For a Leading Full-Service Law Firm in Cyprus?

If you are seeking for the Best Cyprus Lawyers then, Andreas Mylonas & Co LLC is the perfect place for you. We are a recognized Cyprus Law Firm, offering the excellent corporate law services. We have extensive experience in all business and Banking Law in Cyprus. Originally, we worked exclusively with the banking and finance law, Corporate Tax Law, Corporate Governance Law Cyprus and mergers and acquisitions. Our method is based on a holistic view of the client’s business and needs.

As one of the leading business law firms in Cyprus, we have both the accountability and opportunity to influence and pursue concerns that are imperative not only for our clients, but also for ourselves. Our business model is based on a team spirit, which is deeply rooted in our corporate culture. Long-term thinking in the approach to clients, operations and employees is an important part of our culture. This means that cooperation with clients often extends over several decades. It also means that we are leading the development of new services in law. We work widely, both regarding the type of mission and geography.

Please contact us if you want to hire a lawyer or attorney for a longer mission of your company, perhaps for the review of your contract, or to establish or negotiate new agreements and advise on disputes or major personnel changes. For contact and additional information about our Corporate Law Service in Cyprus, please visit our website www.mylonas.law/en/.