Social Justice

A time i experienced social injustice was when I went to travel to Mexico City DIF, and Guadalajara Jalisco on my vacation, now for starters I need to explain who I am. My name is Francisco Estrada Javier Flores I am currently eighteen I am a half Mexican Italian American and during my summer vacation a few years back I went to go visit my dads family. My dad Francisco Estrada Javier Isais is an Italian Guadalajara Native so I have very pale skin and more than often people assume I am “white” and my dad was very pale man despite his relatives having dark shades of skin. One of the first things my distant family said to me was are you sure your even Mexican because me being born and raised in San Francisco California also I am a Multilingual meaning that I can speak English, Italian, and Spanish fluently but with a strange accent. I felt shy and embarrassed talking to locals and family because my accent stuck out like a sore thumb I was constantly refereed to as El Gringo meaning “Whitey”. When my Grand Father came Rafael Estrada Isais came to visit he was an Italian man in his late eighties bringing a few of my other cousins I tired talking and getting along with them but even my Italian had an odd apparent american accent so in there speical way they referred to me as “Merio” meaning “blackie” due to my slightly tanner skin and that my mother was of Mexican decent. In all honesty i felt like i could not fit in anywhere I felt that no matter which family i stayed with either Mexican or Italian I would not fit in anywhere but with my own parents or with other fellow Americans. It was not so bad i guess they could not really understand how i felt or what it was like to be me . And that was a time i felt social Injustice,

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