Feminism Sucks

Of course the title is clickbait! What, you think I'm an idiot?

I've always been proud of my conduct towards politics and women as a middle class white male, living in a quite conservative environment for most of my life. For some time I felt mostly out of place for that, but I never spent much time trying to convince others that my views (I guess we call that a progressive view now) make sense. It feels like it'd be a huge waste of time.

People tend to be very attached to their beliefs, and having a different opinion is almost insulting; it's, ironically… impolite. That's why we nod along and pretended not to listen when some acquaintance, or even a friend or family member says something offensive. I mean, who needs the aggravation, right?

Now, the internet access revolution has given voice to people's concerns, and enabled groups to form and organize, which allows a much richer discussion around any subject. It also makes it possible for a LOT of assholes to be exactly that in public, while, for humanity's bad luck, recruiting and clumping together even more assholes.

But I think it ultimately benefits everyone, as the phenomenon has given a new push to this "crazy new notion", that everyone should be respected and treated equally (maybe even have the same opportunities? Wow, flying high here!). And it's encouraged people that normally would not get too involved, except maybe in discussions within their social circles, where, most of the time, everyone already agrees.

To the point, shall we?

So, one of these (res-)surging notions is feminism. And I stand by the title of the text, not because I'm against the movement, but because it's absolutely ridiculous that it's necessary. Why do we still treat women differently? How is it possible that anyone thinks the Kesha thing is ok? There's a whole lot of buzz around feminism right now, and companies try to ride the wave by making ads and statements that "empower women". But when things get real, money is involved, and a potentially "dangerous" precedent might be set, their behavior is completely different.

This only shows we're way off on real change taking place inside companies and institutions. The numbers on male/female jobs distribution are getting better, but the difference in salaries, in C-level positions and in politics are still abismal.

This is an uphill battle, and it's not gonna happen overnight, but it's exciting to see it's going on. It's important that women normally associated with an ideal image of success, like Kesha or Lady Gaga come out and tell their stories. Even if it does end up in a defeat, the Kesha trial public reaction alone should be considered a big win. After all, this is hardly the first time someone suffered this kind of abuse, but this time, it's getting people to talk about it.

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