So, that app in Iowa.

A lot of people seem focused on questions around “how could somebody be this technically incompetent?” or “why don’t these people understand security?”

But what if instead of a single devious political official or an incompetent engineer, everybody was just doing their best in a twisty maze of misaligned incentives?

Politics has some qualities that make it uniquely unsuited for traditional technical development. It has a boom-and-bust cycle around elections. For events unique to presidential politics, like caucuses, this means that they only happen every four years.

If you go to a VC for your…

In addition to being an endorsement of our product’s innovation and utilization of Google’s services, this award is a testament to the excellent work our team has been doing to push G Suite and the Google Cloud Platform further and faster for the last several years.

Building Streak has always presented us with unique, hard-to-solve, engineering challenges. These kinds of challenges are why we keep building: doing the hard work today — whether that’s beta-testing the latest Google API or finding novel ways to use existing ones — sets us up for success tomorrow. …

Robinhood Crypto is hiding fees in unexpected places, while promising that they aren’t in their documentation

(Disclaimer: I am not lawyer and this is not legal advice. I have about $61 in a Robinhood account, currently sitting as cash. I have no significant investment interest for or against Robinhood.)

There have been a lot of articles examining how devious (or not) Robinhood is being in their quest to make a profit while not charging their users commission. …

At Streak, we recently partnered with Google to release our Gmail Add-on as part of the Add-ons launch. The Add-on is our first major foray into integrating with your existing mobile apps: it lets you better organize your work email in the mobile Gmail app, and makes it easier to collaborate with your team to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. The reception has been great. Our Add-on is top rated in the Marketplace and tens of thousands of users interact with it regularly. …

Fred Wulff

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