Why Do People Prefer Cigars over Cigarettes

Cigars and Cigarettes both have tobacco in them but there are a number of aspects in which these two are different from each other and this is the reason why a number of people now prefer to buy Cuban cigars. If you are also wondering that what kind of difference is there between these two then this piece of writing is a must read for you.

As said both these products have tobacco in them but in the case of a cigar, there is a leaf in which the tobacco is wrapped or any other material which has tobacco in it. When we talk about a cigarette then it has tobacco which is wrapped in a paper or in some cases there is some other material is there in which there is no tobacco.

In most of the cases cigars are thicker and bigger than cigarettes and because of this reason it last longer when it is smoked. Cigars have tobacco in them and they are expensive as compared to cigarettes.

As compared to cigarette smoking, Cigar smoking is considered much better and sophisticated. Cigars are very popular with people in a number of countries with almost 2.2% people smoking them. They are much popular with men as compared to women. Cigars also come with a history of culture and they are smoked at the occasion such as a birth of a child or to celebrate a special occasion.

Cigarettes are very simple to smoke. They can be easily held in the lips once a flame is there to lit it from the end. Only a single puff is enough to get full light in a cigarette. The smokes get inhaled while smoking it and by this way the nicotine from it goes to the lungs and from there it gets absorbed in the bloodstream.

While smoking a cigar, the smoke does not get inhaled. As compared to a cigarette, you can just enjoy the taste of the smoke of a cigar which only goes to your mouth and it does not go to the lungs.

The price of a cigar and cigarette also differs a lot. Cigarettes are certainly less expensive than a cigar, however, there are people who like to use cigar because it represents a traditional status and along wih this the reason that the smoke of it doesn’t go directly to the lungs.

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