Introducing Neue Store for Apps

We’re making a new App Store that is better for all.

Here’s the shortest launch post ever

It’s been said time and time again; App discovery is a huge problem and app developers are hurting. 5% of apps account for 92% of all downloads. Bad!

We’re making a new App Store to give apps better discovery and give people better ways to get cool apps…

Here’s what’s next for Neue Store to make it 10x better than other App Stores:

  • Painless and easy promotion campaigns for apps
  • Comprehensive app ratings system
  • Verified app reviews from app critics
  • Search (but it works)
  • Cross-platform support (iPhone, Android, VR, AR, Web apps)
  • Curation, UI and UX that has life
  • Universal sharing widgets (stay tuned…)
  • Social commerce tools (STAY TUNED!!!)

Submissions open today for Neue Store. Apps get:

  • Featured 3 times on the homepage of Neue Store at your request
  • Your branded app page and reserved app name
  • Our cat will review your app and leave a Catsensus
  • First in line for some very cool tools and features we have up our sleeve
  • 50% discount on memberships for the first 500 apps
  • 50% of all proceeds over the next week will be donated to the ACLU

Hey we’re Featured on Product Hunt! Check it out!