How Ari’s love lessons put Tay’s to shame

Ariana Grande in the thank u, next video

This article is not really about Ariana Grande. I know nothing about Ariana Grande. The one pop singer I know a lot about, to my slight shame, is Taylor Swift — and I’ve been meaning to write about her last album reputation for a while. But it wasn’t until Grande’s ‘thank u, next’ video broke YouTube that I knew what I wanted to say.

You’re not supposed to judge pop songs based on their lyrics. You’re supposed to get hooked on the melodies, and not think too hard about the accompanying words…

On the subtle ways women digitally self-sabotage

‘Ok, so: ‘Hi Louise…’’
‘Are you on ‘Hi’ terms?’
‘Oh, I don’t know.’
‘How did she start her last email to you?’
‘Wait a minute, I’ll just reread it… So she said ‘Dear’, but… oh my God, I said ‘Hi’ when I replied!’
‘You didn’t!’
‘I did! That must be why she ignored it!’

You’re a woman in your early twenties. Therefore, at least once a fortnight you find yourself sitting across from another woman in her early twenties, co-composing an important email. The recipient of the important email is usually someone you’ve…

What the trendiest way to organise time taught me about life and the way we look at it

On 1st January 2019, I bid goodbye to my bullet journal. After a year of trying the trendiest way to organise time, the time had come for me to creep back into the open pages of a traditional planner — with a sigh of relief.

But I had this nagging sense of failure. Why hadn’t bullet journaling worked for me?

It’s one of the hundreds of social-media-driven lifestyle movements pouring into the vacuum once occupied by organised religion. Like mindfulness, clean eating…

Freya Sanders

London-based journalist and incorrigible over-thinker. I write about my profound scepticism of social media / lifestyle trends; or whatever I’ve been reading.

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